A Chevrolet Corvette C8 Has Already Crashed

The Chevrolet Corvette is pretty much brand new in the automotive world and deliveries have not even begun but one example has already been heavily damaged in a crash.

According to the Wrecked Musclecars account on Instagram, the Corvette clipped an oncoming SUV at a corner.

At the front, the driver’s side quarter panel appears to have been ripped off and the bumper has been horribly twisted and mangled. The interior airbags were also deployed in the collision.

As for the damage sustained to the other vehicles, the Ford pickup’s front bumper has been torn off and one of the rear wheels of the Equinox is missing.

The video seen below was uploaded by a Corvette Nut on YouTube, and it looks like to have taken place towards Yosemite in California.

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