Five Ways to Boost Your Car’s Power and Make It More Efficient

There are a lot of ways car manufacturers are making vehicles more efficient than ever before, but that doesn’t necessarily mean they are boosting power at the same time. Not to mention, many vehicles have much more potential, but you have to unlock it!

That’s where aftermarket parts come into play.

There are many companies manufacturing stellar car parts that are specially designed to increase the power of your vehicle while making it more efficient at the same time. In some cases, boosting your engine power may not even cost you a dime!

If you want to make your car faster, more powerful, and enjoy more efficiency as a side-effect, give one or more of these tips a try.

Rethink Your Exhaust System

There are many more options when it comes to exhaust systems than the ones that come from major manufacturers. One especially popular option with car enthusiasts is the catback exhaust system.

This type of exhaust system almost always has a larger diameter pipe than the stock system installed on most vehicles. In addition, they are specially designed with mandrel-bent turns that allow for exhaust gases to escape with next to no backpressure. The less back pressure your system experiences, the more power it enables your engine to utilize.

It’s not a horribly expensive update either. Because these exhaust systems are made to fit into the space of existing systems, you can save on the cost that comes with more complex modifications.

Reduce the Weight of Your Vehicle

Cars have been getting lighter and lighter. That is, until now. Creating lighter cars has suddenly become difficult for manufacturers, not because they don’t have the ability, but because they have to comply with customer demands.

That doesn’t mean you have to!

Creature comforts like cushioned seating, cup holders, and GPS systems make life more convenient, but they also contribute to the weight of your vehicle. Get rid of them if you don’t need them and make your car lighter.

A few other ideas for reducing the weight of your vehicle include:

  • Get rid of items you don’t need in the trunk, in the glove compartment, and under the seat.
  • Switch our glass windows with acrylic windows.
  • Install disc breaks in the place of traditional brakes.
  • Replace aluminum body panels with glass fiber-reinforced plastic.
  • Drive with less fuel in the tank.

Install a Forced Air Induction System

Your engine needs air in order to work properly. Make sure it can breathe better with a forced air induction system and you can get a lot more out of your car.

This kind of system forces air into your engine, enabling it to mix in more fuel, essentially supercharging it. This kind of system has the potential to increase your horsepower and torque by over 50-percent!

In addition, you can find systems that use the wasted energy from exhaust streams, making your car much more efficient.

Install a Cold Air Intake Device

Giving your engine more air to breathe is one way to increase its power, but the type of air it uses can have a huge effect on its performance as well. Cold, dense air is the best kind of air when it comes to producing power. However, when air first enters the engine, it isn’t always very cold. You can make it that way with a cold air intake device.

These devices feature a specially-shaped filter that increases surface area up to three times that of the filter provided by the manufacturer. With pipes that reduce airflow resistance and unwanted turbulence, you can greatly decrease the temperature and increase the density of the air your engine uses to create power.

Go High-Tech

It should come as no surprise that in today’s technologically-driven world, you can use technology to your advantage if you want to make your vehicle more powerful.

Performance chips are a simple solution because they feature a plug-n-go installation that is user-friendly by connecting to your OBD-II port. And, it actually works!

These devices override your engine’s factory-programmed emissions and fuel octane requirements so you can adjust your vehicle’s settings to your liking. You can adjust your fuel-to-air ratio, ignition timing advance, and much more.

Getting a more powerful, efficient vehicle doesn’t mean you have to buy a new car! There are many aftermarket devices, as well as no-cost strategies, that you can use to make the most of the vehicle you already have. They just may help you save on gas too!

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