How Infrared Drying Is Used Within the F1 Industry

Infrared paint curing is increasingly becoming a popular choice within the automotive industry. It is frequently used by auto body shops to improve the paint repair process, but even some of the best Formula 1 teams have started using this form of drying technology.

Infratech Automotive Solutions, a provider of high-quality infrared paint curing lamps, have supplied some of the reasons why the technology is being used in the F1 industry.

Why Infrared Drying Is Useful for F1 Cars

The benefits of infrared drying are clear to see. Compared to conventional drying methods such as air drying, it is now a preferred choice among many automotive businesses. An infrared paint curing lamp is extremely powerful as it emits strong waves of heat. The infrared rays themselves are invisible to the human eye but provide excellent coverage, allowing the paint to dry in no time. Infratech technology can be found in multiple industries but there are several reasons why businesses dealing with cars have applied it to their work process. When you think about auto body shops, for instance, the priority is to repair a vehicle so it looks brand new and to get it back to the owner as soon as possible. Infrared curing lamps complete the job in minutes and increase productivity, allowing businesses to focus their time elsewhere. They’re also energy efficient so combined with increased productivity will save you money in the long run.

Now that you know a bit about how body shops use infrared curing, it’s time to explore the ways in which the technology has made its way to the Formula 1 industry. Infratech Automotive Solutions have provided curing lamps to several the biggest F1 teams including McLaren, Williams and Mercedes. The fact that these championship-winning teams have opted for infrared curing tells you all you need to know about the technology’s appeal.

So why is an infrared lamp a great option for a racing team? The purposes are pretty similar to that of an auto body shop. When vehicles are damaged, they need repairing and this is especially true for F1 vehicles where repairs are required on a regular basis. An infrared lamp can be used to resin bond the carbon fibre shells and components together following by curing the paintwork. Time is obviously paramount with races scheduled regularly throughout the F1 racing season. As we have mentioned, one of the key benefits is that the lamps are extremely powerful and will complete the job in no time. The result means that the car can get back on the race track as soon as possible.

It’s important to note that infrared technology isn’t just about speed. It also offers extremely prevision and excellent coverage, meaning that you can target several areas of the car in one go before moving onto the next area. It is a flexible process and by choosing a high-performance lamp, the finished result will get the car looking brand new.

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