Bugatti Boss Keen On 310 MPH (500 km/h) Chiron Variant

Last week we mentioned that Bugatti was keen on an EV SUV and now a report from Automobile Mag confirms that a lighter more powerful version of its current Chiron will one day be capable of cracking 310 mph (500 km/h).

Bugatti’s boss, Stephan Winkelmann said in an interview with the publication that the Chiron will be capable of travelling 80 km/h faster than the current car’s “limited 420 km/h”. Winkelmann said the challenge internally remained finding a tyre partner willing to supply rubber that could cope with hitting 500 km/h.

Winkelmann was careful to point out the 500 km/h Chiron would only go ahead if the business case for re-engineering it to hit that speed was sound.

Having ruled out hybrid-electric boosting for the current car’s 8.0-litre quad-turbo W16, it’s thought Bugatti has tasked its engineers with upping power from the standard car’s 1103 kW and 1600 Nm via more traditional methods.

How much power will be needed to achieve the extra 80km/h is unclear.

Source Automobile Mag
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