Mountune Can Now Take Your Ford Focus RS To 513 HP (383 kW)

Mountune already offers a substantial boost to your Ford Focus RS but now with two new packages, you can crank it up to as much as 513 hp (383 kW).

The first of the two performance packs, the m450 upgrades, costs £2950 which sees the current Focus RS’ turbocharger binned for a fresh Mountune configured BorgWarner EFR-6758. This kit also adds a high-flow sports cat and down pipe resulting in a much more potent 443 hp (330 kW) and 580 Nm (up from 257 kW and 440 Nm).

If you have £5975 to spare, then you can get the full-fat m520 package. This includes a larger Mountune-fettled BorgWarner EFR-7163 turbocharger, an uprated fuel pump, camshaft and valvetrain plus a new ECU calibration that bumps power and torque to an incredible 513 hp (383 kW) and 700Nm.

The tuner did not release any performance specifications but with the m520 package, the 0 to 100 km/h sprint time may drop as low as 3.5 seconds.

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