The Sprawl Switch – A Guide to Choosing a Car for the City

Buying a new car is one of the most exciting purchases you’ll ever make. You’ll navigate nerves, excitement, thrills and joy all along the way. At times, you may even be overwhelmed by the choices ahead of you. You need to decide on make, then a model, and then pick your colour, features and all the rest. And what if you are primarily an urban trendsetter, a city-dweller who loves cafes, clubs and the arts? In that case, you need a lean, mean, city-fit automobile that’s just right for your needs. Lucky for you, today we explore a simple guide to choosing a car that’s fit for the town. Read on to find out more.

Size Matters

When it comes to choosing a car to zip around a dense city in, you have a few choices – one to consider is a small SUV. With a vehicle this size, you get the best of both worlds. You get the fuel economy, manoeuvrability and style of a small car, with the storage space, power and torque of an SUV. You’ll get a feature-packed, high-tech machine that won’t cost an arm and a leg. While you may be tempted by a larger model, keep in mind that you need to squeeze into city-sized parking lots and navigate tight turns and narrow streets. Leave the large four by fours for the suburbs and the country and pick a small SUV that’s perfect for you.

Fuel Economy

Aside from the initial deposit or purchase of your new car, the next greatest expense will be fuel, closely on a par with your insurance premiums. This means that you want to avoid a thirsty vehicle that likes to guzzle fuel. You want to get the most kilometres out of a full tank as possible. So, when you’re researching for the best car to buy for the city, keep fuel efficiency firmly at the forefront of your mind. A quick internet search will tell you which models win out in this area, and which models to avoid. This is especially important because city driving is often stop-start, which burns more fuel than sustained periods of driving on freeways or highways.

How Does it Look

At the end of the day, you need to feel comfortable and confident about driving your new car – that’s why design and style play such an important part of your decision. You want to look for a sleek, stylish car that you’d be proud to be seen stepping out of, heading to that boutique shop or award-winning eatery. So don’t be afraid to be picky and choose a car that matches your particular aesthetic.

Budget Matters

Cars vary in cost from the low twenty-thousands right up into six-figure territory. You need to pick a car that’s within your budget so you don’t get into financial strife. A large car loan may seem exciting because you can get a prestigious make and model, but is it worth it if you end up struggling to make repayments? Figure out what you can afford and pick a smaller car designed for city driving that matches your budget.

A City Car Conclusion

Size matters when picking a car for the city and a small SUV may be just the ticket for you. Pay attention to fuel economy, because city driving can burn serious fuel. Pick something that you like the look and style of because you need to feel comfortable driving it. Finally, only buy a vehicle that’s within your budget, to avoid any financial stress. Happy shopping!

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