Top 5 Car Buying Myths You Should Debunk

Car buying myths come in different forms. They often arise from the unfavorable experience that someone had in the past. These experiences, that may not be always true, are then passed down to other people who are looking to buy a car.

Buying a car is a big event, one that has many people, especially those buying a car for the first time, searching the internet. Others won’t even hesitate to ask for information from their loved ones on how to play it right.

Rather than get the right information, a lot of people end up believing car-buying myths that could affect the outcome of their car acquisition experience. This article will open your eyes to four prominent car-buying myths that should be debunked.

1) Myth number one: The weather conditions influence your final purchase price

A bad weather day can change your approach to car-buying and have an impact on your experience. Contrary to popular opinion, there is no proof to show that dealerships cut down cars prices, or organize giveaways because of a rainy day.

We can easily debunk this myth because many cities in the U.S. get rainfalls more than half of the year. 

2) Myth number two: You get a better outcome by adding your trade-in to the deal at the end

The staff at an authentic Hyundai dealership have been trained to help you most beneficially. However, this can only be achieved when your expectations for the desired outcome is known.

You’re free to discuss and negotiate with them. Taking this step will go a long way to help you get a car that fits your need and budget. 

Waiting to add your trade-in at the very end of the deal will not help you in any way. This is because dealerships do not have any reason to deny you a fair market value for your trade. However, they are only concerned about the return on their investment. 

3) Myth number four: Buying your car at the end of the month lets you get the best price.

Most people believe that the best car prices can only be gotten at the end of the month. This is wrong on all levels; negotiating the best possible price is the best way to get a good price, any day of the month.

Decades ago, this myth was true because dealerships do not have enough inventory flexibility, so they gave better deals at the end of the month to meet a sales quota. This, however, has changed.

4) Myth number three: Paying with cash earns you a better price

Dealerships DO NOT give preferential treatments to customers based on their methods of payment. If you can buy a car with cash, any dealership will support you on the decision. Even so, do not expect a discount. 

Every dealership has the responsibility of giving equal treatments to everyone. Just because someone paid in cash does not make the other person who uses financing options less desirable. 

With this myth debunked, knowing about the equality of all deals, your confidence in your car-buying experience should be solid.

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