Average Cost for Limo Service for Wedding in NYC

Limo rental service is one of the most popular cars renting services in NY. People often hire limos for business trips, sightseeing, birthday parties, and meeting relatives or partners from the airport.

Limo rental service is one of the most popular cars renting services in NY. People often hire limos for business trips, sightseeing, birthday parties, and meeting relatives or partners from the airport. However, during a long time, limo rental service for the wedding is one of the most often reason for hiring this kind of transport.

There is nothing more beautiful than a designed wedding limousine as it always looks luxurious and stylish. However, many couples don’t book limousines for their wedding as they think that this kind of transport is costly. The average wedding limo cost can vary depending on location, type of vehicle, and some renting hours. Mostly one wedding- day transportation in NY costs $750 for one car. 

What issues should I worry about before choosing the limo rental service for a wedding?

Several specifications are essential to be asked in any transportation company before hiring wedding limo transportation:

  • duration of the rental agreement;
  • exact cost of the service;
  • types of limousines arriving at the wedding ceremony to transport brides and guests;
  • availability of limo and drivers insurance;
  • availability of GPS in each limousine;
  • number of people that can be comfortably carried by the chosen limousine;
  • the possibility of drinking beverages and eating a snack in the vehicle.

What are the factors that influence the cost of limo service for a wedding in NYC?

The main factor affecting the cost of renting a limousine is its type and size. A standard limousine is the most popular form of wedding transportation, but due to the great rivalry between renting services, a lot of new limo types have appeared. Among the most popular original variants of limos that are often hired for weddings are Hummer limos as they can hold more guests than the standard limousine. There are also stretch limos, SUV limos, and vintage wedding limos.

For New York City, the average cost for the standard segment is around $80/hour. Prices can range from $70-$120/hour when ordering Hummer limos, and 150 – 200$ per hour for ordering exclusive limos or vintage wedding limos. 

The super-premium category of limousines will be the next step up in the limo hierarchy. This segment includes luxury vehicles like Mercedes Sprinter, but also exotic/specialty cars, like Rolls Royces, Bentleys, and Maybachs.

When ordering these types of limousines, people are driven not only by comfort and by presentation factors, with the presence of a concierge level of service and the prestige that comes along with riding in one of these vehicles. The super-premium category of limousines is the most expensive, as the average cost of hiring this type of car is $150-$250/hour and beyond. The average price of the vehicle in this category is approximately $200/hour. 

It is also needed to be mentioned that renting a limousine for a wedding in New York City has an 8.8% tax on livery trips in state. Taxes, gratuity, and tolls may be extra and will be assessed separately from the hourly rate. The cost for limo hiring can also vary depending on the number of guests, availability of advance limo booking, and the number of cars that are rent in the company. 

Is tipping drivers in limo rental service for the wedding necessary?

Customers of limousine rental services for wedding ceremonies usually order a rental vehicle, where tip for drivers is already included in the total cost. However, if you wish, you can allocate 10-15 percent of the value to the limo tip for drivers.

What part of the wedding budget should I spend on transportation?

At least two percent of the wedding budget is recommended to be reserved for wedding limo rental service. The cost of wedding transportation can be different for each couple as it depends on the number of guests that will be transported, as well as on the distance and times. In the case of organizing the limo rental service for wedding transportation, the brides should remember some things. Therefore, choosing the corresponding type of lime is a significant part of the logistics of your wedding day.

After deciding to rent the limo service for a wedding, the couple should mention that the average cost of hiring this type of vehicle is higher than the cost of hiring a party bus or a van. However, a designed wedding limousine is mentioned to be on the most prosperous type of vehicles that are used for guests and couple transportation during the wedding ceremony. 

It is necessary to order a car rental in advance (ideally – no later than three months before the wedding) to partially reduce the variance of the limousine rally for weddings in New York. You can discuss the possibility of providing discounts for several cars, early booking and so on. To calculate the full cost of the lease, remember to consider the cost of taxes and possible tips for the drivers.

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