Next Bugatti ‘Won’t Be An SUV’ But It Will Be High-Riding

Bugatti is spending a lot of time (and money) considering what type of car to add to the current lineup. It will be vastly different from the Chiron and its derivatives and they are currently looking for financing to make it happen.

In a recent interview with CAR Magazine, company’s boss Stephan Winkelmann recently said: “there will be no SUV from Bugatti”.

So if it is not an SUV, what will it be then? Some sources believe Bugatti is toying with the idea of building a four-door, high-riding vehicle that’s not a traditional SUV. Or, as the publication puts it, “a sporty crossover with a higher seating position than a saloon, with a body lower and less boxy than a traditional SUV.”

Whatever form it arrives, it won’t be cheap as they are targeting a price of around $1 million.

All should become clear at some point in the next few years. Bugatti will try to launch the model in 2023 with annual production limited to about 800 examples.

Source Car Magazine
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