3 Athletes Who Drive Insanely Expensive Cars

Famous athletes work hard on the field, and many of them are quick to show off the fruits of their labour.

In addition to their high-profile careers, the flashy cars they drive put them in the limelight. Here are three athletes who drive some of the most coveted cars in sports.

1. Tom Brady

With a 6’4” stature, Tom Brady stands out in a crowd. And because of his fancy taste in automobiles, he stands out on the highway, too.

Brady is an American football superstar who has defied the odds. He is best known for his two-decade (and counting) role as the New England Patriots’ quarterback. Because of his impressive football stats, many sports analysts consider Brady to be the greatest quarterback of all time.

In 2017, he switched gears to become the face of Aston Martin and has since been spotted sporting the British luxury car maker’s DB11. All things considered, it is not surprising that he drives a car worth more than $200,000.

The DB11 comes equipped with 503-630 horsepower and weighs between 3,880 and 4,134 pounds.

2. Manny Machado

Dominican-American Manny Machado gained fame during his six-year run playing baseball for the Baltimore Orioles. He has since switched to the San Diego Padres after a one-season stint with the Los Angeles Dodgers.

When Machado got his first signing bonus, he told Baltimore Style magazine that he didn’t go all out and bought himself “a little car.” That car was a black Porsche.

Today, Machado’s luxurious lifestyle is a testament to his successful career as a sought-after third baseman. He falls into the category of celebrities who own a collection of enviable cars. He has been seen behind the wheels of such brands as Mercedes-Benz, Bentley and Rolls-Royce.

3. Tyler Seguin

Tyler Seguin may be a native of Canada, but the Dallas Stars hockey centerman drives an Italian-made Ferrari 458 Spider.

In September 2019, his car made headlines after being involved in a hit-and-run accident. Apparently, an unknown driver slammed into the parked automobile, leaving a note that said, “My bad bro,” and that they could not pay to fix the damage.” This does not come as a surprise, as the car is valued at $240,000.

Seguin shared the note on social media, stating that he was having a rough Monday.

While some modest millionaires still opt to drive less expensive cars, others jump at the opportunity to upgrade as soon as possible.

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