How to Make Your Vehicle’s Car Personality Match Yours

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Have you heard it said that a dog reflects the personality of its owner? Do you think the same is true of a car?

There’s more science behind it than you may think. One study found that 70% of Honda owners have a college degree, compared to only 35% of Chevy owners.

Even if the type of car you drive says a lot about you, there are cool ways to customize your car even more.

Are you ready to give your car personality? Here are some fun ideas to customize your own car.

1. Custom Paint Job

Is your car a boring beige? Why not repaint the exterior to better suit your personality?

People who drive red cars are seen as outgoing and dynamic, while a dark green car means you’re balanced and trustworthy.

Want to take things one step further? Give your car a custom paint job with different colors, designs, or artwork that’s as unique as you are.

2. Seat Covers & Floor Mats

These items can do more than just cover up and protect. They’re also a perfect way to give your car personality.

Do you have a favorite cartoon character? Action hero? Flower, plant, or animal?

These all make excellent ideas for personalized floor mats or seat covers. Bonus points if you complement them with your car’s exterior!

3. Stickers & Decals

Custom car stickers are another great way to match your car personality to your own.

Do you want to let the world know about your family or pets? What about showcasing your hobbies, interests, or places you’ve traveled?

Are you proud of your ethnic heritage or hometown team? Do you love to fish, golf, hunt, or ride horses?

Whatever you want to share, there’s a custom sticker or decal to showcase your interest. The same goes for license plate covers or sun visors.

4. Organize Your Lifestyle

You spend a lot of time in your car, so why not compartmentalize it to fit your lifestyle?

Are you a busy mom always on the go? Add some compartments in the backseat to keep those toys and snacks organized.

Does your dog accompany you everywhere? Make him extra comfortable with his own doggie bed and chew toys for road trips.

What if you’re a student juggling academics and sports? Get some color-coded bags and binders so you can keep track of what’s what.

5. Add Some Scents

Gone are the days of boring old Magic Tree air fresheners for your car. 

Now we have plug-in aromatherapy diffusers and under-the-seat scented wax tins. You can also get aroma beads and hide them inside clip-on flowers or cartoon characters.

With so many options out there, there’s no excuse not to have your car smell exactly like your favorite scent.

What Will Your Car Personality Say About You?

So, which item from our list above will you try first?

From paint jobs to bumper stickers, there’s no end to the ways you can give your car personality. All it takes is a little creativity!

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