Bugatti Chiron Sky View Glass Roof Option Costs Nearly R1 Million

In the middle of 2018, Bugatti told the world and its future Chiron customers that they could add the “Sky View” option to their hypercar for those who want to enjoy sunlight from above.

This consists of two fixed glass panels in the roof of the vehicle, each 65 cm long and 44 cm wide, above the driver’s and passenger’s seats. These panels have a newly developed laminated structure with thin glass and four intermediate layers.

Mr Manny Khoshbin recently gave us an update on what cars he has coming into his garage and one of them is the one-off Hermes Chiron. It is one of the few cars with no visible carbon fibre parts and as you would expect, it has the optional Sky View glass roof. Manny mentions this was a $60,000 (approx. R910k) making it around the same price as a demo BMW M2 Competition.

In comparison with the Chiron with a standard roof, the Chiron Sky View also offers 2.7 additional centimetres of headroom. That’s a lot to pay to allow some extra sunshine into your hypercar but if you are Chiron shopping, then this is absolute peanuts for you.

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