The INNOVV C5 Helmet Camera Kit: The Motorbike Accessory You Didn’t Know You Needed

For some, getting on the bike is all about the rush: speed, mud and stunts. But when on your bike, anything can happen and it’s better to be prepared.

Many partners and mothers fear the worst when a loved one rides, whether it’s on paved roads or on a track. It’s no secret the injuries that can transpire are often severe. While you can’t always prevent them from happening, you can prepare for certain eventualities such as wearing protective gear or managing the legal aspect of a collision. How do you prove whose mistake it was? Click here to fully understand what you need to do in case you get into an accident. But to gather the evidence for the trial or simply to capture the visuals of your latest race, a helmet camera kit is a wise investment. 

We tested out the INNOVV C5 to see if it provides value for money and whether it’s a good addition to your kit.


Overall the INNOVV C5 impressed as it’s definitely an upgrade and more dynamic than some other similar products on the market. The camera provides clear visuals and you can record sound, though the quality is dependent on where you keep the various components of this system. If the recording device is kept in a deep pocket it may not pick up all the ambient sounds.

One of the upgrades is that you get various lengths of cable to pick from (0.5m, 1m or 1.8m), so you can customize your use of the INNOVV C5 according to your preferences:

We appreciated that you can mount the unit in various ways and that other brands’ components, such as Go-Pro, can also be used to facilitate the ideal mounting.

The camera works by connecting to a DVR module which is sized to fit in most jacket pockets or a pouch. You can download the iOS or Android app on your phone which gives you ample options to manage your new camera.

We found the Wi-Fi connection to work, but you can expect some disconnections from time to time. There’s a tactile tile on the DVR module which shows whether it’s connected. Simply tap to reactivate it—this usually works. 


To determine whether this INNOVV camera will suffice in your scenario, here are some specs:

  • Resolution: 1080p 30fps, 720 60fps, & 720 30fps
  • Frequency: 50/60Hz
  • File format: TS
  • Time lapse: Off/100ms/200ms/500ms
  • Loop video: Off/1min/3min/5min/10min

What’s in the Box?  

  • User guide
  • 120° FOV lens (USB C and power harness is integrated)
  • DVR module
  • Coaxial connector to USB adapter
  • Lens holder
  • Connector plate
  • Backing pad
  • Buckle
  • Interlock mount
  • Pinch clip
  • Card reader for Micro SD cards

Final Thoughts

The set is definitely practical for motorbike use during a bike race or even off track as the INNOVV 5 carries an IP8 rating and ports are well insulated. Moisture and dust won’t easily get inside the components.

A wise investment for many scenarios!

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