Top 5 Electric Hatchback Cars to Look Out for in 2020

Electric cars are increasing in popularity as the Government is providing more and more incentives for businesses and individuals alike to invest in greener methods of transport. 2020 will be a big year for Electric Cars, so we have broken down the top 5 electric hatchbacks we are eagerly looking forward to!

Volkswagen ID.3

The first of what’s expected to be a series of Volkswagen EVs will be a hatchback called the ID. It’s expected to come powered by a 168-horsepower electric motor and reach a range of between 249 and 373 miles on a full charge.

Volkswagen hasn’t revealed much but reportedly the ID.3 will:

  • Be a five-door hatchback
  • Have a similar exterior dimension of a Golf
  • Will have three battery pack sizes offering between about 180 and 250 miles
  • Be an all-wheel-drive variant

Honda Urban EV

(We love this one!) Honda’s Urban EV will go on sale in Europe in early 2020. A selection of body colours will be available but all of the cars will feature gloss black pillars, roof and sills. While, at the front, between the headlights, interactive messages can be displayed.

The Urban EV will reportedly:

  • Be a four-door Urban
  • Have a new, small battery
  • Built on a new dedicated electric platform
  • Expected to offer about 150 miles of range on a single charge

Mini Electric

Mini is said to be working on a full-electric version of the Cooper. It will reportedly share technology with the BMW i3 and drivers will be able to choose from three driving modes; sport, green and a balanced in-between. You will also as usual get cloth seats, dual-zone climate control, LED lights and cruise control included.

  • Operating range up to 200 miles on a full charge
  • 33kWh battery pack and 181bhp electric motor
  • Prices will start at £24,400
  • Can reach 62mph in 7.3 seconds

SEAT el-Born electric car

The first SEAT EV is hitting the market in 2020. Charging to 80% capacity will take as little as 47 minutes using the latest 100kW rapid chargers and the absence of a front-engine allowed maximise room inside the car and provides lots of storage space.

  • Reach 62mph in 7.5sec.
  • Reach a predicted range of 260 miles
  • Full self-park assist will also be offered
  • Prices are rumoured to start around £26,000

Fiat 500

The all-new Fiat 500 will apparently not only be slightly bigger than the current model but will be fully-electric, sitting on a unique electric car platform. They haven’t released official photos yet but the design is speculated to be similar to the current model.

  • Offer anywhere between 60 and 300 miles of range
  • Production will begin during the second quarter of 2020
  • The cost of batteries may mean that the cheapest electric Fiat 500 starts at £25,000
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