How To Choose The Right Auto Body Shop

It’s enough to stress you out when your car gets damaged and needs to go to the body shop. Whether you need a dent repair or a new paint job, you only want to trust your car to the best mechanics and auto body workers.

You want to find a place that can do a professional job without breaking your budget. But, you should still be wary of shops that offer fast and cheap work without doing your research. Cheap isn’t always better when you are talking about the quality of the work that you want.

For many drivers, their car is an extension of themselves so it may take some work to find an auto collision center that you feel like you can trust with your vehicle. Look for a good balance of price, experience, and reputation.

Review Labor Costs

There can be a wide range of labor costs when it comes to investigating different auto body shops. When you are looking at the larger corporate-type operations you may find that they have inflated labor costs just to cover their extensive overhead. 

Only pay for the work that is done; it’s not your job to pay their bills. Skip the amenities like a fancy waiting lounge or free gourmet coffees. 

Check Reviews

Any time you are working with a service contractor it’s up to you to do the right research before you choose a business. Get online and look at all the local businesses and what they offer. 

Check the customer reviews to get an idea of what real people have to say about their service, experience, and professionalism. You can even go to the Better Business Bureau website to see if there have ever been any complaints.


The general rule regarding contractors is to get a minimum of three estimates on the work that you need. Take photos of the work needed or damage to your vehicle and get a realistic price on the parts and labor that will be needed. You should request an itemized quote with everything listed on it,  including whether the parts used are new or aftermarket. 

Ask Questions

Don’t be shy. This is your vehicle that you are entrusting to these service people. It is in your best interest to ask the important questions before you hand over your keys. Always make sure to ask if the shop provides a warranty on their work. A one-year minimum warranty should be offered. Also, ask if the shop carries fire and theft insurance protection just in case anything were to happen while they have possession of your car.


It can be stressful to have a vehicle that needs repair, so don’t add to your troubles by not doing the right research before you choose an auto body shop. Get recommendations from family or friends, do an online search and always trust your gut before you put your trust in any contractor.

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