Is McLaren Readying To Attempt A Nurburgring Lap With Their Senna?

Recently a spotter by the name of captured a McLaren Senna at the Nurburgring but it is certainly not the first time a Senna has visited the Green Hell so why are we talking about it?

This particular Senna is owned by McLaren themselves and was responsible for smashing the lap record of the Grand Tour’s Eboladrome after beating the Aston Martin Vulcan by 3 seconds.

As it stands, the production car lap record on the ‘Ring belongs to Lamborghini’s Aventador SVJ which achieved a time of 6:44.97. If this particular McLaren Senna is at the ‘Ring for some fun and games will we see it knock the SVJ off the perch?

We think it might considering it packs more horsepower but the extreme aero may prove to be a disadvantage on some of the extremely long straights.

Let’s hope the Woking crew are there to show the world just how capable the Senna actually is.

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