Angry Mercedes G63 Owner Drops It From A Helicopter

Publicly destroying cars because of reliability and/or service issues is nothing new but dropping it from a helicopter is taking it to a new height (pun intended).

A Russian vlogger decided his Mercedes-Benz G63 AMG was no longer worth keeping so he decided to lift the German SUV to a height of 300m and drop it to its demise on the snow-covered ground below.

Moroz (the vlogger) said on Instagram that the car has been a pain to own since he bought it as it constantly needed repairs and the dealership sometimes kept the car as long as a month to complete the work. The dealer even allegedly refused to repair some of the faults under warranty.

There are generally two sides to a story and it seems this is no different as there are reports that Moroz and a friend had a bet of sorts as to who could destroy their car from altitude. Clearly Moroz won (or possibly lost) the bet and now the G63 will be scraped off the floor and tossed into a junkyard heap.

Whether this whole thing was a true display of disappointment or just an expensive publicity stunt is beyond us but the video (seen below) has attracted plenty views which will probably be considered a success by the vlogger.

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