How to Store Your Classic Car?

Classic Cars very well define the quote that “getting older never goes out of style”. People treat classic cars as their family members, so they always want the best for them.

From tucking in their car at night to cleaning them regularly is part and parcel of the relationship that they hold with their vintage car. So, go through these guidelines to store your classic cars in the right way.

What to do before storing the vintage car?

Before you send your favorite classic car into hibernation, you need to do a few things first. These tips will help in preventing corrosion and fusty odors. Tips you need to follow while preparing your car for hibernation:

1) Check the Place of Storage

Most people park their classic cars in the garage or shed to protect them from harsh winter. Check whether the space you chose for storing the car is dry, clean and damp free. As you will not want corrosion or mold caused by moisture to damage your car.

2) Thoroughly Clean, Wax and Polish Your Classic Cars

Before keeping your car in the garage, you need to make sure that the car is free from dirt, moisture, and salts. Moreover, this means giving your classic car thorough cleaning, waxing and polishing. Lubricate the rubber part of the car to stop them from perishing. However, after washing and waxing it, make sure your car is completely dry as any moisture can cause rusting if it is there for a longer period.

3) Open Windows for Circulation

If you don’t want your car to smell bad after leaving it in the garage, then make sure that you left the windows open for air circulation. Fresh air not only helps to keep away the bad odor to form inside a closed car but also helps in preventing mould. Even remember that mice and other smaller animals can enter your car through an open window so never leave any dirt inside it.

4) Protect the Car Battery 

You will not want your car battery to get discharged in the winter. So it’s better that you disconnect the battery and while you are taking it out for a drive you can charge it and then run the beautiful classic cars of yours.

5) Keep the Car Away from Sunlight

 Make sure space, where you are storing your car, is not exposed to direct sunlight. As the paint in a classic car is susceptible to get damaged from direct sunlight. One of the easy ways to protect the vintage car from sun rays is by using covers.

6) Lift the Wiper and Keep the Hand Break Off

 Don’t let the wiper blades to sit on the windscreen during harsh winter as wiper can get freeze. So, you must lift the wiper up or remove them while storing the car. Leave the handbrake of the car off and put chocks behind the wheels while placing your car in the storage space.

What to do While Storing the Classic Car?

If you think after placing the car in the garage your task is completed then it is not. You will need to maintain the classic cars on a regular basis to keep them in a perfect drivable condition:

  • Check the fluid level which also includes brake oil, transmission fluid, coolant/antifreeze regularly. 
  • If your classic car has minor rust spots then you need to regularly apply quality lubricant to slow down the rusting process.
  • Start car every couple of weeks, so that it can recharge the battery and fluid can be circulated through the engine.
  • After every drive during winter, you need to clean your classic car to avoid all sorts of damages that can arise if left unchecked.

Moreover, Mercedes Dealers Alternative Orlando can help you in giving more tips regarding how to look after and store your classic cars.

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