RTR Tease 10th Anniversary With 750 HP (560 kW) Mustang Spec 5

There are so many options out there for purchasing a more powerful or angrier looking Mustang with offerings from Roush, Shelby and even Ford themselves but RTR is not to be left out.

RTR hit the scene back in 2010 and now they are celebrating their ten year anniversary with a limited edition Spec 5 offering through Lebanon Ford.

RTR partnered with Lebanon Ford to bring ten RTR Spec 5’s to a select group of buyers. RTR currently offers three levels of RTR Mustangs that you can purchase at dealerships across the country but the Spec 5 takes things to a new level.

Prior to this, Spec 3 was the meanest offering from RTR which was good for 700 horses (522 kW) but the Spec 5 amps it up to 750 hp (560 kW) thanks to a Ford Performance Phase 2 Supercharger kit. To cope with this additional power, RTR beefed up the drivetrain.

As you can see, the Spec 5 includes a widebody kit based on Vaughn Gitten Jr. drift car which gives this Mustang an unmistakable presence.

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