Alfa Romeo Giulia GTA and GTAm To Cost Over R3,5m

Back in March, Alfa Romeo revealed their highly exciting Giulia GTA and GTAm and now they have released European pricing alongside some bespoke liveries available for the most powerful road car they have ever built.

The Giulia GTA will start at £153,300 while the stripped-out GTAm comes in at £157,700 making it the most expensive new Alfa Romeo ever sold. The 8C Competizione supercar, which went out of production in 2010, carried a £112,000 price tag.

Using a simple method of interpolation, those prices ‘equate’ to around R3,6m and R3.7m for the GTA and GTAm respectively.

The firm’s Centro Stile design arm has taken inspiration from the original Alfa GTA’s best-known motorsport victories for a range of available liveries, including a yellow and red paint scheme that harks back to the 1971 European Touring Car Championship-winning car. Standard colours, including Trophy White, Montreal Green and GTA Red, are also available.

The configurator has gone live so feel free to play away right here.

As a reminder, it packs an updated version of the 2.9-liter twin-turbo V6 which produces 533 horsepower (398 kW).

We have not received any confirmation from Alfa Romeo South Africa about local availability but after seeing the price tag attached to it, we have our doubts that it will be hitting local shores.

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