5 Fun Party Bus Theme Ideas

Are you thinking about renting a party bus for your birthday?

Renting a party bus can be a lot of fun. It can provide a space for people to dance and socialize, plus, it’s a great way to keep your group together when moving from bar to bar. 

To make your birthday party bus even more fun, we suggest choosing a theme. 

Which theme should you choose?

Check out this guide to discover the top party bus theme ideas to make your event a night to remember!

1. Battle of the Decades 

The battle of the decades makes for a fun theme for any type of party, but it’s especially fun when you rent a party bus. 

With a battle of the decades’ theme, you ask everyone to wear fashion from their favorite decade. Or, if you want to make the theme more cohesive, you can choose a specific decade for everyone to center their costumes around. 

For example, if you make it 80s-themed, then it’s all about brightly-colored, Jane Fonda-inspired workout gear, acid wash denim, and poofy hair. Make it 60s themed, and it’s time to bust out the bell-bottom jeans and go-go boots. 

Or, you can go for a Roaring 20s theme and have everyone wear their best Gatsby-inspired costumes. 

Depending on which decade you choose, you may also want to include a music playlist from that decade for your party. 

2. Mexican Fiesta 

If you love Mexican food and music, then a Mexican fiesta is a great theme to add to your list of party bus ideas. 

With this party bus theme, you can start by bringing everyone together for dinner at your favorite Mexican restaurant. On the party bus, you can serve Mexican appetizers, play Mexican music, and drink shots of tequila while heading to your favorite Mexican bars and restaurants. 

Just make sure the party bus service allows you to bring your own alcohol and snacks on the bus. 

3. Masquerade Ball 

If you want your party bus to have a bit more of a sophisticated atmosphere, then we suggest having a masquerade ball-themed party. 

With this theme, everyone will create their best sequined masks (or you can give them out as party favors). You should encourage your guests to come in their best formal wear, and you can decorate the bus with gold beads, small feather fans, ornate frames, gold glitter garlands, and more. 

4. Cool in Middle School 

We all had questionable fashion choices in middle school. Why not reminisce and laugh over these choices with a cool in middle school party bus theme?

With this theme, tell your guests to wear what they considered “cool” in middle school. We’re talking UGG boots, Abercrombie shirts, butterfly hair clips, and whatever else was cool at the time. 

You can also play music that was popular during your middle school years to really get the full effect. 

5. Roll Out the Red Carpet 

Who doesn’t want to pretend like they’re famous for a day?

With this party bus theme, everyone can dress up like their favorite movie star or character from a movie. You can decorate the bus with a Hollywood sign, red curtains, fake Oscar trophies, and Hollywood-themed balloons. 

Party Bus Theme Ideas: Are You Ready to Party? 

Now that you have these party bus theme ideas, it’s time to choose the right one for your party. Then, it’s time to buy some decorations and start making a playlist!

Also, be sure to check back in with our blog for more party-related tips and tricks. 

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