6 Ways To Prepare Your Car for Summer

July is right around the corner, and that means car shows, camping trips, cruising to the beach, and holiday barbecues. It also means that your car will receive a tough lashing from sun exposure, heat, pollution, and an influx of road debris from all the other cars on the road.

With summer fun comes the potential for damage to your meticulously maintained paint job. With proper preparation, you can get your car ready for all the summer fun without worrying about protecting your car. Here are 6 ways to get your car ready for summer adventures.

1. Start with A Thorough Wash

After a long winter either stored in your garage waiting for show season or hard driving through snow and rain, you need to start off with a complete clean. Over a long winter, your car will accumulate all kinds of nasty build up that will need removal to achieve the perfect summer shine.

By starting off with this clean, you can make sure that your car doesn’t have any hidden pockets of road grime, salt melt, and dirt. Go very slow as you clean your car and make sure that you get all the nooks and crevices. I’m not just talking on the paint and body of your ride. You need to get underneath and in the engine compartment.

Get low and dirty to make sure that you leave no dirt hidden. Any dirt, oil, or other debris you leave behind will come sneaking back as the hot summer temperatures, and street cruising dislodges them and puts spots all over your beautifully detailed paint job.

I stress again to go slowly and be as thorough as you can during this first step. It will max everything else much easier and will help you maintain your car throughout the summer months.

2. Wax, Polish, and Coat

Now that you have the perfect clean, your next step is to apply your summer shield. Entering the detail phase of your summer prep will let you take a fine tooth comb over every inch of your paint job. Waxing and polishing your car is another strict process.

The waxing and polishing of your car is the first layer of your car’s summer armor. Do complete one section at a time. Moving section by section will allow you to make sure you are getting the proper coat along the entire vehicle body.

The Waxing Guide also clearly points out that using the proper polish for your car and paint color will help remove contaminants and impurities that you may have missed during your wash.

Finally, use a clear coat ceramic coating. A ceramic coating is a car care product that bonds with the chemical makeup of your paint to form a shield against the environmental hazards you will face. This coating will give you UV protection and will not allow liquids and dirt to stick to your paint. You will find your car easier to maintain throughout the summer of fun.

3. Give Your Tires Some Love

The next step is to treat your tires with the same care you gave to the rest of your car. Going over your tire will help remove built-up brake dust and road grime that will later land on the trim of your car. Plus, by making sure your tires are clean and beautiful, you will have a perfect shine from the ground to the roof. Send a message that your car is the new mascot of summer.

4. Check and Change Your Wiper Blades

You may wonder what this has to do with helping your car look its best. Well, the windshield of your car is like the hairstyle on a model’s head. If the windshield is streaky and splotchy from poor wipers, it will make the rest of your car look less appealing. A bright and shiny windshield acts as a beacon of your car’s summer perfection.

5. Clean Your Window Interiors

It’s not just the windshield that needs treatment. Make sure you clean all your windows inside and out. We often overlook the dust and dirt from the inside of the car that musses and mars the pristine look of our vehicle.

6. Treat the Interior

To make sure your car looks good through and through, approach the interior cleaning of your car with the same precision to maintain the interior. Winter activities can add a lot of dirt and grime to the inside of your car that will turn your car into the cute girl with brown teeth. Fun to look at until she smiles.

Use a quality vacuum with crevice attachments to get all the tight areas of your car clean. Then use detergents and protectants on all the surfaces of your interior to remove stains and shield your dash and seats from the heat and UV radiation of the simmering summer sun.

Enjoy Your Summer

Now that you have a lineup of summer car care prep tips, you can enjoy your summer with your favorite mechanical beauty. Properly preparing your car will also make it easier to maintain throughout the long and exciting summer months.

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