Top Reasons Why You Should Get Your Car Windows Tinted

To many car owners, tinted windows are yet another example of a purely-cosmetic car accessory. Other car-owners would contend that tinted windows, though not a necessity, are a staple of luxury and often associated with celebrity status. 

Companies like Top Edge Tinting provide car tinting services to vehicle owners, with a strong emphasis on customer satisfaction and flawless results. It’s important to select a reputable car tinting service provider, so you can expect the best results on the market

Though applying a razor-thin film on a glass window may seem like a surface-level addition to your vehicle, tinting your windows comes with its own set of advantages that many car-owners may not be unaware of. In an effort to showcase these hidden benefits, this list will cover the top reasons why you should consider tinting your car windows.

To enhance your vehicle’s appearance

Tinted windows can be a divisive accessory in the automobile industry. Many car owners are blinded by the stigma of the overly-tinted windows and refuse to acknowledge how a tint application can actually enhance a vehicle’s appearance and make the vehicle appear more stylish. 

Outside of utility, tinting your windows can make your vehicle stand out from the rest. For car owners who love accentuating the color of their car, tinted windows help sharpen the vehicle’s overall appearance. Dark window tints will contrast with brighter exteriors. Once you’ve invested in the right window tinting service, your car’s contrasting colors will surely turn heads at your neighborhood stoplight. For those customers looking to introduce a luxury feel to their vehicle, tinted windows will also do the trick. 

To block excess heat

During the extreme summer months of blazing hot afternoons, the sun’s sweltering rays can easily penetrate your car’s exterior, which can generate a substantial amount of heat in the interior. The heat can be draining to the occupants of a car, leaving them feeling uncomfortable, irritable, and heat-exhausted. 

When it happens, the driver will have to blast the air conditioning for the entirety of the car ride. Cranking your AC can be a gas-guzzler. Without the right window tint, your monthly gas expenses could spike. Adding tint to a car can potentially reduce the heat that penetrates by almost 60 percent. It also helps to cut down on fuel consumption by not having to run the AC, when the interiors are cooler and more bearable.

For privacy purposes

Peeping toms aren’t just a nuisance in your home. They’re lurking everywhere: on the roads, highways, and even in parking lots. Applying a car window tint allows a sense of privacy and helps keep potential carjackers at bay, as it reduces overall visibility. You won’t have to worry about fellow shoppers peering into your backseat filled with newly-purchased clothing and electronics. Tinted windows can protect your vehicle from potential break-ins and even grants you the luxury of sporting a full pajama ensemble at school drop-off. 

Tints come in a wide selection of shades, ranging from light to dark. Any customer hoping to tint their windows for their cooling and privacy-centric technology can choose the tint shade that best suits their privacy needs.

Reduces glare

Car window tints also help reduce the blinding glare a driver might experience on the highway, from setting sun to bright headlights. When you tint your windows, you’ll be protected from glares that can potentially distract a driver and/or interfere with their vision. 

To effectively shield the driver from the glare of the sun, it makes sense to have the top band of the windshield tinted. Otherwise, you won’t be able to maximize the window tint’s sun-shield effects. 

Reduces health risks

Scientists continuously warn patrons of the sun’s damaging effects and advise that everyone take the necessary safety precautions to avoid cancer-causing ultraviolet exposure, especially any prolonged exposure.

Routine sunscreen application isn’t the only way to shield yourself from harmful UV rays. Tinting your windows can actually help to prevent the damaging UV rays from penetrating the car’s exterior and exposing the driver to intensifying sun rays.

The tint applied on the car window acts like a sunscreen and a buffer all in one, blocking close to 99 percent of the rays that would otherwise penetrate one’s skin and cause damage, or even some forms of skin cancer. 

Protects the car’s interior

UV rays can damage leather car interiors the same way these UV rays damage the driver’s and passengers’ skin. Prolonged exposure to UV light can weather leather seats, cause wear and tear on the inner fabric, discolor the fabric of the seats, and can even cause cracking and fading on the surface of your dash. More critically, the heat that penetrates the car can also lead to overheating of the interiors and later the engine.

Most automobile experts will advise drivers to invest in proper window tinting to boost your vehicle’s lifespan. It also helps to reduce costs, when you account for the sun’s ability to weather your interior and potentially crack your dash. A car is an investment and a major milestone in your financial life, so you’ll want to keep the car in good condition.

In the case that you want to resell your car, you won’t want to explain noticeable damage to the leather interior or your vehicle’s dashboard. Tinting your windows can help ensure that your car makes its best first impression with potential buyers. 

Protects valuables 

With tinted car windows, it’s nearly impossible for onlookers to spot stored valuables in your backseat.  In our modern era, most people carry their mobile devices such as laptops, e-readers, and tablets with them at all times. In the case of off-site meetings and school schedules with significant gaps in-between classes, leaving your device at home isn’t an option. Tinted windows will virtually conceal valuables stored in and out of plain sight, thereby reducing cases of car theft. 

Some people virtually live off their cars, bringing all kinds of items with them: expensive clothing, designer bags, headphones for after-school workouts, portable chargers, etc. With a quick fix like window tinting at your disposal, you won’t want to expose yourself to otherwise avoidable instances of car theft. 

Enhance Safety

In the event of a car accident, car windows and windshields can end up completely shattered. However, with a layer of window tint, the glass is held in position and secured with an extra line of defense This reduces the amount of potentially-dangerous shards that can fly about the car and potentially lodge themselves into your skin, eyes, and nose. If small children are regular passengers in your vehicle, their safety will be of utmost importance. Avoid the cuts, scrapes, and open wounds glass shards can cause by tinting your windows.

Final Thoughts

Contrary to what many people think, car window tinting isn’t a luxury but, rather, a necessity, in light of its cost-reducing and safety-focused benefits. While it may appear to be a costly undertaking, initially, it’s actually cost-saving in the long-term, as it prevents damages, reduces health risks, and eliminates select repair costs. 

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