Infinitas Hurricane 2 BMW M5 Aiming for 400 km/h

Hurricane RS

Remember the folks known as G-Power? Well due to a trademark dispute with their minority shareholder, the use of the business name and brand “G-POWER” by GP infinitas GmbH, is currently not possible. They have decided to go back to their roots and are now called “infinitas” by GP infinitas GmbH.

Right now back to the creation called Hurricane 2 which is coming soon and it promises to be something mind-warping.

Back in March Infinitas shared their 808 hp (603 kW) Hurricane RS BMW M5 which would likely be the fastest F90 M5 out there but they will be introducing Hurricane 2 in the future with the hope of hitting 400 km/h.

In 2010 they set a world record for the fastest sedan with their 800 hp MUR Hurricane RR so if they achieve their target with the Hurricane 2, you can bet this will grab another world record.

The only technical information they are willing to part with is that the top speed is over 372 km/h and that power output will be over 1,000 hp.

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