The Most Iconic Volvos

Volvo Cars are known for its safety and NHTSA’s five-star ratings. The Volvo Cars have top-notch designs in terms of safety starting from the three-point seat belt. Thanks to Nils Bohlin for the invention. With Volvo’s compatibility, great design and safe structure have got all the eyes glued to them.

Let it be the amazing Concept Coupe, modern technical Concept Estate, and Italian inspired P1800, the Volvo Cars have been winning the hearts of car lovers.

If you are looking for Volvo replica cars then follow the list and know the best of the Volvo lot:


If you talk about rigid plus stylish design then it’s PV544. Launched just when World War 2 was rounding to its end. The design proves to be a popular War design. With its updated dashboard, strong padding is known for its safety.

V40 Estate, 1st Generation

An ample fusion of Mitsubishi Motor and Volvo Car is the V40 Estate built in the Netherlands. Premiered in 1995, the V40 with its 1.9-litre turbocharged engine is a package of luxury, safety, and comfort. The V40 proved to be a success all over the world and an inspiration for many upcoming one’s today.

XC60, 2nd Generation

XC60 2nd Generation has been crowned the most attractive SUV of the last ten years. It’s the most selling and is an iconic design. With its intricate craft and modern technology, the XC60 is a balance of comfort, compatibility, and control. It has an electrifying performance, strong structure and engine to make it the best.

PV 654

When talking about big engines then PV 654 is not to be missed. It has some amazing features such as engine size, seating compatibility, and trim level. Where the PV in PV 654 stands for personvagnar (passenger car). It contains a 3.4-litre engine and a manual transmission or three-speed and all-steel body.

780 Bertone Coupe

A perfect example of a boxyish sedan is the lesser doored car 780 Bertone Coupe. Launched in 1985, the 780 Bertone Coupe has a 2.8 liter B280F V-6 engine, an extensive C-pillar, protective, and elegantly designed front and low roofline with distinctive wheels.

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