Your Complete Guide For Heated Car Seat Covers

There can be nothing better than stepping into a warm and heated car after having a freezing day in the chilling winters of the outdoors. Seat warmers can provide you with complete comfort in the winter season as you enjoy your warm car ride. They are an exciting item for your car if you want to stay warm in the freezing winters. If you want to know more about the heated car seat cover, read here. 

Heated car seat covers; how they work?

How do these heated car seat covers work? The working of heated car seat cover is much similar to that an electric blanket and they allow your thighs, back and legs to stay warm inside your vehicle. The mechanism of a heated car seat involves three main components.

  1. Resistor 

This also goes by the name of the heating coil and is a long wire strip through which electricity flows. The name resistor comes from its resistance to electricity that results in friction being released in the form of heat. 

  1. Relay switch

This switch allows the flow of electricity to the heated car seat resistor from the battery of your car. As you turn on the switch, the resister receives a small electricity amount from the initial circuit. This results in the formation of a magnetic field. This magnetic field results in triggering the relay switch and activates the electricity flow to the resistor from your car battery. 

  1. Thermostat 

The thermostat is a component designed to prevent the system from overheating or from running indefinitely. The thermostat monitors the output, and once the set temperature is reached, it deactivates the relay. When the seat is cooled, it starts the initial circuit, so the relay switch is activated and heats the seat again by using the car battery.

Types of seat warmers

There are several types of seat warmers that you will find. A few of them are described below. 

  1. Car seat massage warmers

These massage car seat warmers have a vibration massage that is built-in for massaging the neck, shoulders, thighs and back. They usually run at three different massage speeds. With the relative cost-effectiveness, they are among the most popular options. 

  1. Budget versions

These are simple fabric solutions that are rather inexpensive. They are simple to use and operate and have a breathable fabric making them warm to touch. They offer a few extra functions at the same price.

  1. Warm pad car seat covers

If you are looking for a simple warming solution for your vehicle, you should consider buying a warm pad car seat cover. It can be easily attached to your car seat with the straps that come with it. 

As you have read above, the car seat warmer covers are an excellent option to use to keep your back warm during winters as you drive. There are a few things that you need to consider when you want to buy a heated car seat cover for your car. Make sure to look after that before you get one for yourself.

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