Michael Bilokonsky Shares 10 Reasons Why You Should Buy a Harley

Harley Davidson is one of the oldest made-in-America vehicles in North America. After the Great Depression, only two motorcycle manufacturers remained — Indian and Harley Davidson. Even those that don’t ride usually consider the word “motorcycle” as synonymous with the Harley Davidson brand.

Logistics company owner Michael Bilokonsky of Fort Thomas, Kentucky, only drives Harley Davidsons and has been a HOG for many years. Here are his top 10 reasons why every motorcyclist should buy a Harley. 

1. Most Tenured Motorcycle Brand in the World — Made in the U.S.A.

Launched in 1903, the Davidson brothers created the first Harley Davidson motor bike. By 1906, they had sold 50 motor bikes and were well on their way to creating one of the most iconic motorized vehicle brands in America. To this day, Harley Davidson is an esteemed manufacturer of only the best motorcycle engines and a permanent fixture of American nostalgia.

2. Engine Rebuilds

Harley Davidson owners may request an engine rebuild any time, says Michael Bilokonsky. Not only that, but non-Harley bikes are also eligible for engine rebuilds from HD engineers. While not entirely free without a warranty, HD engine rebuilds are surprisingly affordable and allow owners to keep their bikes for decades (even passing them down as family heirlooms).

3. One of the Toughest Motorcycle Engines Available

Harley Davidson motorcycles are as tough as they look. Engineers created them to power heavy bikes in a wide variety of road conditions. Vintage Harley Davidsons sell for a high dollar and can chart hundreds of thousands of miles.

4. Dealerships are Everywhere

As far as dealerships go, Harley Davidson is quite prolific. Bike owners can find a location in almost any part of the United States. Most dealerships offer extensive service and sales options. If all else fails, Harley Davidson will receive and ship parts directly to owners. Additionally, HD dealerships offer elaborate showrooms with highly-knowledgeable staff.

5. Endless Upgrades

Harley Davidson owners like Michael Bilokonsky love the options for upgrades and accessories. Depending upon one’s budget, riders can enjoy the base model or spend thousands of dollars adding unthinkable luxuries. And because motorcycle maintenance is attainable for the average hobbyist, many Harley owners manage upgrades and accessories themselves. Harley Davidson gladly ships parts directly to customers.

6. Long-lasting

Not only is the motorcycle engine tough, but the entire bike itself is exceptionally durable. As a general rule, one has to intentionally treat their HD motorcycle poorly in order to harm it. Other motorists recognize Harley Davidson as the motorcycle “heavyweight.” The brand also has one of the most extensive and user-friendly warranties of any vehicle manufacturer.

7. Low Servicing Costs

Harley Davidson offers one of the most efficient systems for vehicle maintenance of any car or motorcycle brand, says Michael Bilokonsky. For this reason, most service costs (including engine rebuilds) are unbelievably inexpensive. That’s why many motorcyclists don’t mind paying more upfront for a Harley.

8. Celebrity Favorite

From Elvis Presley to Dan Akroyd and Adam Levine, Harley Davidson is consistently the top pick of celebrity motorcycle enthusiasts. When avid riders have the money for any machine they could imagine, it’s significant that they nearly always prefer a Harley.

9. Easy to Self-maintain

For motorcyclists that want to learn how to DIY their bike maintenance, Harley Davidson is one of the best vehicles with which to start. There are endless resources by Harley Davidson mechanics and hobbyists. HD owners can learn to maintain their own bike upkeep and eventually become master tinkerers for personal optimization.

10. Join a Culture — Be a HOG

HOG is an acronym for Harley Owners Group and is one of the most active motor vehicle clubs in the world, says Michael Bilokonsky. Aside from internationally-acclaimed conventions and events, HOGs network in their respective regions and nurture a strong sense of community. These social groups engage in group rides, charitable initiatives, and enjoy a high level of respect from other motorists.

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