What To Do If You Are Hit by A Truck

Having a traffic accident is always a bad experience. But it is particularly bad if you have been hit by a truck. In all likelihood, the damage will be substantial. Naturally, your chances of being badly hurt also go up when you are hit by such a large vehicle – you have the option to call an attorney for a truck accident if you are affected.

Try not to let fear overwhelm you

Don’t let the fact that you have been hit by a truck overwhelm you. Understandably, a lot of people find the experience to be more frightening than being hit by a vehicle of a similar size. It is a natural reaction. You will likely be painfully aware of just how serious the accident could have been. So, you can easily go into a state of semi-shock, which can make it hard to think straight.

Take a few deep breathes and talk yourself down. You need to do your best to clear your head to be able to deal effectively with the situation. The tips in this article will help you to do that.

Work out if you need to call the police

In some places, the police have to attend the scene of an accident if it involves a commercial vehicle. Even if that is not the case if the damage is over a certain amount they will still have to be called. It is important to be aware of when the police should and should not be contacted. So, if you are not sure, check the law for the areas you drive in the most. The rules can vary from state to state.

If someone has been hurt, the police should always be called. As well as, when necessary, an ambulance or emergency doctor. Getting anyone who is hurt medical help needs to be a priority.

Secure the scene

Just as you would with any other accident do your best to stop other road users from ploughing into the scene. At the very least put your hazard lights on. If the law requires you to do so, you and the truck driver need to deploy hazard triangles and/or flares. Use this accident scene safety article to help you to keep everyone safe.

Never rely on the fact that the accident involves a big vehicle to slow other drivers down. Sadly, they are just as likely to get distracted and veer into a truck that has been involved in an accident as they are a car.

Pay particular attention when taking down details

As with any other accident you need to take the driver’s details. Their name, address, insurance policy detail and registration. But it is a good idea to make a note of all of the numbers on the truck. The unit and trailer will often have two different numbers on them, so make a note of both.

Stand your ground

Often the damage involved in a truck accident is considerable. So, for the insurance company, the stakes are high. Try to bear this mind when handling them. 

Hopefully, you will never be involved in an accident with a large vehicle. But, if you are bearing the above in mind will help you to handle the situation properly.

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