If You Have Been Victim Of Motorcycle Accident, Here Is What You Should Do

Are you fond of vehicles? Some people love riding sports cars, while others want to enjoy the thrill and adventure of motorcycles. Alongside being exciting and fuel-efficient, they give a sense of freedom. After all, anything that can get your blood racing is worth trying. You can ride a bike to work or college, saving you from awful traffic jams, while offering an open-air experience. However, riding a motorcycle is quite unsafe than driving a car, leaving people at risk of accidents. 

Even though traffic rules are the same for every driver, but riding a motorcycle takes different skills. You will find yourself in between cars, vans, and bulky trucks. As motorcycles are small and limited, most drivers don’t see them when changing lanes or crossing roads. The majority of accidents happen because another driver violates motorcyclist’s right of way as they can’t predict motorcycle movements. 

Have you ever had a motorcycle accident? You must know how devastating it is, especially when it is a hit and run case. Due to the absence of immediate help, some motorcyclists lose their lives on the spot because of fatal injuries. Most people file an insurance claim, while the criminal drives freely on the roads as people are not aware of their legal rights. Surprisingly, motorcycle riders have every right to obtain compensation if the other party was responsible. 

Do you want to know more? Have a look below. Here is how to secure legal help after a motorcycle accident. 

  1. Hire an Attorney 

If we talk about car accidents, there are straightforward resolutions. You can file an insurance claim with all the evidence, and you get a compensation cheque. However, when it comes to motorcycle accidents, things work differently. First of all, you have to look for the best motorcycle lawyer to learn about your legal rights. An attorney by your side can support you with claims, negotiation, and also communicates with the insurance company on your behalf. 

They would put all options in front of you, explaining to you the pros and cons of each one. For instance, if you consider filing a lawsuit, a lawyer will help you understand the technicalities and its benefits. If the negligent party is not ready to accept their mistake, they will bring other professionals to strengthen your case. In short, they make every possible effort to represent the client’s interest. 

Alongside valuable legal advice, they make sure your rights don’t face exploitation under any circumstances. Hence, increasing your odds of a satisfactory resolution. 

  1. Document Every Detail 

The legal world operates on evidence, meaning you can’t go and report an accident if you don’t have any proof. After hiring an attorney, immediately call police on the accident site even if the other party offers compensation. They will document every detail and prepare a report that consists of crucial information – driver’s vehicle, identity, insurance, income, etc. While the police are doing their job, do a little homework yourself to strengthen the case. 

Did the accident take place on a busy street? Go around and question people about what they saw. Ask for their name and contact information since the lawsuit might need witnesses. Similarly, you can request pictures of the accident as in this digital world, people like capturing unforeseen moments. Honestly, there can’t be any more solid evidence than images of the accident scene. Moreover, ask your practitioner to capture all the injuries and bruises. You have to document all these things with your medical reports. 

  1. Claim Insurance for Fatal Injuries 

A motorcycle lawyer will put every effort to cover all your losses. Hence, they will try providing compensation for medical bills by negotiating with health insurance companies. If your injuries are taking months to recover, lawyers will encourage your company to cooperate instead of putting your job at risk. They might educate your employer about the labor laws or make a fair deal, eliminating any future loss. 

At the same time, the amount of damages or compensation depends on multiple factors. They would judge how strong your case is, the severity of your injuries, the amount of insurance the driver has, and whether you should file a lawsuit or settle. A high-profile reliable lawyer can justify your case to maximize your compensation. 

  1. Seek Medical Help

Unfortunately, motorcycle accidents are pretty ugly, leading to severe injuries. People witness head trauma, multiple fractures, and whatnot. If you fell unconscious after the accident and woke up in the hospital, don’t rush over things. Otherwise, it can make your condition worse. Call your friends and family members and ask them to proceed with the lawsuit. You have to stay in the hospital for as long as the doctor suggests because nothing is more important than recovering from injuries. 

Fortunately, your motorcycle lawyer will continue working on the lawsuit. He/she will come to visit you if they need any additional information, which means you can get things done while resting. Moreover, you don’t have to worry about medical bills as the lawyer will take care of all the health insurance claims. As soon as your health gets better, you can start working together with the attorney. 

  1. Don’t Settle for Anything Less!

Sometimes, the negligent party is willing to settle right on the spot. They realize their mistake and might offer you a compensation on the accident site only, but without police involvement. Do you think they will provide a fair deal? During the initial stage of the accident, you are unaware of the damage and potential expenses. Thus, settling immediately without consultation from your attorney won’t be a wise decision. He/she will assess the damage and then ask the party to pay for it or face a lawsuit. 

If the negligent party doesn’t agree, your lawyer will present the case in court. The judge will offer a mediation – a dispute resolution process with the help of a third party. It would put forward a voluntary settlement of the case before the final trial. If mediation is unsuccessful, the matter will proceed to a trial. Here your lawyer would prove the negligence of the driver by providing all necessary evidence. They will show the jury how much money the other party owes for damages, and the judge will make the final settlement. 

Final Thoughts

Even though we are living in a modern era, most people are unaware of their rights. They fall victim to injustice, and instead of fighting for their rights, they keep suffering. It is time to break this chain. If you had a motorcycle accident due to someone else’s negligence, you have every right to sue that person. The legal professionals will assist with every tiny matter, helping you through the entire procedure.

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