Planning To Buy A New Car? Check These Apps Out

When you are looking for the best car, the essential factor that you need to look for is its functionality. Quite a lot of applications are there that can tell you which car can offer a fantastic driving experience. To know about the apps, take a look here. 

  • CARFAX Car Care

It is a free application, allowing you to keep an eye on a lot of stuff. CARFAX Car Care helps you see all your repair and maintenance staff, and send you a notification when additional maintenance is required. A mechanic search is available that shows mechanics in the network, and is one of the best car applications that helps you keep everything in order.

  • Torque Pro

The best application used for troubleshooting and can be paired with several OBD 2 devices through Bluetooth. It can read codes and is used for knowing the status of the engine lights. Alongside, it also helps in tracking more things like alarms, a GPS speedometer, CO2 emissions, warning, etc. 

  • SpotAngels

SpotAngels is a newer application, with tons of potential. The essential factor is it helps in avoiding parking tickets and track where you have parked your vehicle. With that, there is a lesser chance that you need to search for the vehicle as it tells the exact location. 

  • Drivvo and Fuelio 

Drivvo is known to be one of the famous car applications that tracks everything, including repairs, expenditure, maintenance, gas mileage, miles driven, etc. This application is a suitable one for those who drive for work. It is also used to keep a note on expenses during tax seasons, etc. Fuelio is also a useful application, popular known to be Drivvo’s rival. The functionalities of both applications are more or less the same, and you can go with anyone you like.

  • FordPass 

Many manufactures are using car applications now as it offers various functionalities. Some of the features offered by them are locking and unlocking of doors, remote starting cars, and much other stuff. 

  • AutoZone

Tons of stores are available selling car parts, making it challenging to decide where to purchase from. You can use this application to determine where to buy a particular parts that would be suitable for your car. It also helps you to get those car parts which are difficult to find in the market. 

  • Mailtrack

Mailtrack is an email read notification software that lets you know when there is an interest. After looking at the cars, if you wish to send an email to the owner and track his or her response, this software can help you. Once you send an email, you can see whether the owner has read it or not. 

Signing off!

With any of these applications, you can determine the functionality of the car before purchasing it. After that, you can decide which one you want to buy. As a result, the applications will reveal every detail of the vehicle and give you a better alternative. As your car is a prized choice, using these applications will help you make a better purchase order. 

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