5 Social Media Strategies for Car Dealerships

Social media plays a very important role in businesses. It helps them expand their reach, engage with customers, answer questions and do a variety of other things. All types of businesses can use social media, even companies like car dealerships can benefit from strong social media. This can get more people to come down to the dealership, can show the benefits of specific models to the masses or even simply expand the reach of your brand.

But when it comes to social media, there are several different strategies that can be used. So which are the best for car dealerships? Well if that’s something you’re curious about, this article is for you. Without any further ado, this article is going to go over 5 social media strategies that car dealerships can use.

Use Images and Videos

While text posts on places like Facebook, Twitter and other social media platforms can perform well, they are no match for videos and pictures. Images or videos on a social media feed will more often than not lead someone to stop scrolling, where a text post simply won’t. Visuals are very important and many people prefer to watch content than to read it.

There is a wide range of different images and videos that can be shared, whether they are interviews with your sales team or walkthroughs of some of your vehicle inventory. Of course, be sure to add some personality and captions to the photos and videos for better results. If you are struggling to come up with some, click here for some of the best car selfie captions to post on social media.

Share Tutorials and How-To’s

In addition to showing off your collection of vehicles on social media, there are several other kinds of video content that can be shared. Most notably, you have tutorials and how-to videos. These tutorials can go over everything from what you should do if you get a flat tire, the best ways to keep your car clean and several others.

The how-to videos can be on how to change a tire, how to search for a used car or a variety of other topics. This is content your audience is sure to enjoy and can be more engaging than simply sales/marketing-related social media posts. Not only is this type of content very sharable, but can help you build loyalty as people value the informative content you provide them.

Keep it a Two-Way Conversation

Social media is meant to be a two-way conversation. If all you do is make posts and not ever respond or engage with your customers or audience, your social media efforts will almost certainly fail. People want to be engaged if they follow you, and feel you appreciate and/or acknowledge them.

On top of simply responding to questions or queries, it couldn’t hurt to ask your audience something from time to time. This could be anything from asking them the type of video content they would like to see, to asking them to respond to a poll or leave a review.

The idea of social listening can also be very important. Keeping tabs on what people are saying about your dealership, or how they are responding to your tweets and post, can be very crucial. It can help you maintain better control of your online reputation and ensure you can deal with small issues before they become big problems.

Be Consistent

When it comes to posting on social media, one of the most important things for any brand is to be consistent with your posting. If you go from posting once a day, to once a month, your followers are likely going to be confused and many will unfollow your pages. On the other hand, if you can stick to a relative schedule, your followers and customers will often know what to expect.

As for when you post or how often you post, that is up to you. It is a good idea to perform some tests and see when your content and posts get the most interest, engagement and eyes. Social media posting isn’t meant to be something you do every once in a while, it is supposed to become a habit for your company.

Stay True to Your Brand

In addition to being consistent with your posting schedule, you also need to be consistent when it comes to your brand. If your company portrays itself one way on Instagram, another on Twitter and another in person, it can be quite confusing. You need to maintain cohesive brand identity across the board.

How you conduct yourself should be consistent, and the same goes for the type of content that you post. If something doesn’t fit the brand and what your customers expect from you, posting it might not always be the right idea.

Having a strong social media strategy is important for all types of businesses, including car dealerships. Any of the aforementioned strategies and tips, or using a number of them, can be a great way to take your car dealership to the next level.

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