Determining if a Dealership or Auto Auction is Right for You

You do not have to know a lot about cars to know that you want the most bang for your buck when in the market for a new vehicle. There are endless how-to guides to walk you through the process of selecting either a dealership or auction as your seller that will have you feeling like this is second nature. After you have spent the time to pick the exact make and model of your next vehicle or at least narrow down the options tightly, you are ready to decide who gets your business. With, they have an entire section of their website dedicated to the resources you need to learn about the key differences involved in auction buying versus dealership buying, so since they have basically done all the hard work for you, all you have to do is be a sponge for the research they have already conducted. 

Where is Your Comfort with Risk?

Auction purchases do require a higher level of trust and flexibility than dealerships purchases do since auctions are slightly akin to buying sight unseen, it’s important to know this going into it, and assess if you are comfortable with that fact. On the flip side though, this can present the buyer with a great opportunity, if the auction you are shopping is lighter in attendance, there may be better deals to snag which helps your budget and bottom line. Many auto auctions are only open to licensed dealers, and this is another important piece of information when discussing trust. If you are relying on a third-party dealer to do you bidding for you, you have to be comfortable with a budget range and having them represent your interests, which can sometimes mean leaving empty-handed if the inventory available does not meet your specific criteria. 

Is Your Time Worth Spending a Little More?

It is no secret that buying a car from a dealership is probably going to be more expensive than it would be from an auction. For some though, the convenience and accessibility are worth the extra coin each month. If you are someone who wants to be able to delegate out the details of your search and simply sit back and wait for the right vehicle to be presented to you, a dealership is your best bet. Their sales team is full of individuals who know the market and inventory and can work within your parameters to find you a great car with little to no energy from you. Something else to consider is maintenance post-purchase, if you don’t already have an auto shop you patronize, and don’t want to shop around for one, planning to use your dealerships associated shop is a no brainer. Consider your lifestyle when making this choice and be realistic about what you have time for and knowledge about. And don’t forget to discuss this with your salesperson, some leases have perks built in such as complimentary oil changes and auto detailing that might be attractive to you.

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