For the Love of Driving: Upgrades To Transform Your Car into a Supercar

What if money was no object? Take a moment to dream. What supercar would you drive? Don’t even worry about owning it. Just think about driving it. You don’t have to provide maintenance. You don’t have to make payments for it. You don’t have to put gas in it or even provide garage space. Now, what would you drive?

As you think about that pick, let’s come back down to reality for a moment and think about what you are driving right now. You might be surprised that your fantasy pick and your current ride might not be as far apart as you think. There are things you can do, some of which might even be in your budget, to give your car some of your favorite attributes of your favorite supercar. Let’s see if we can build a bridge between where you are and where you want to be:

Make It Look Super

Even if you had the supercar of your dreams, it wouldn’t mean a thing if it didn’t look like a supercar. The least expensive thing you can do to make your car super is make it look super. Start by going to an LA auto body shop that understands what your car means to you and that will treat it like the supercar it is within. Don’t settle. Body shops are not created equally.

Next, figure out what aspect of your dream car stands out. What part of its look are you in love with? Is it the paint job, the curvy hood, the wheels? Start small. Think door caps and custom side moldings. The small details are often the ones that make the most lasting impression. Don’t try to turn a Volkswagen Beetle into a Ferrari 911. Also, don’t fight the design of your car trying to exactly copy something else. Handle the externals of your vehicle like a canvas with a picture already started. Continue the thought. Don’t try to erase what’s there.

Make It Sound Super

You don’t have to lease a Bugatti Chiron Sport for $66,000 a month to get the sound of a hungry racer. You can make your car purr with a three-chamber muffler design. Or you can make it growl with a two-chamber street muffler for a more aggressive roar.

What you should know is that you can get just about any sound you want with little effort and expense. It is all about the muffler. Once you understand a little about backpressure, it all starts to make sense. It is easy to find and install systems that are engineered for your specific vehicle. If your car has a custom outlet, you can not only find the perfect muffler that will work with your car. You can get that sound in a muffler that also works with the external design of your car.

Give It Super Breaks

Now that your car looks super and sounds super, what’s left to do? Oh yeah… Make it stop like a supercar. Making a car go faster than you can easily control is easy. Your car likely already does that. The vast majority of drivers think they are excellent drivers. The record shows just the opposite.

So while you are building out your perfect supercar, be sure to also make it super safe. Breaks don’t just help you bring the car to a stop. They help you control your car when it is moving fast. You don’t want to try extreme cornering without the performance breaking to go with it.

True, you are not going to fool anyone into thinking your $50,000 car is really a $5 million car. But it will feel like a million bucks to you when you give it a super body, a super sound, and super breaks.

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