You Can Lease A Bugatti Chiron Sport For R1 Million A Month

Whenever we talk about Bugatti we generally talking big numbers be it speed or price but what if you were to lease a Chiron?

A used white 2019 Chiron Sport in the US of A carries a price tag of $3.3 million so Brooks from DragTimes went down to Lamborghini Broward dealership in Florida to see if he could afford the hypercar by leasing it.

Theoretically speaking (as Brooks video is), his Ferrari F8 Tributo would be the down payment which comes to $350,000.

If he was to opt for a three-year lease plan, he would fork out $52,196 a month but it if he wanted to drop that to just two years, then that number shoots to $65,950 per month.

The Chiron Sport still has two full years of warranty and service is included, while the annual mileage allowed is just 2,500 miles (4,023 kilometres).

That means you can drive it on average for 208 miles a month and each mile will cost you about $317 (around R5k) with the two-year plan.

All in, the total cost (taxes included) for Mr DragTimes would be $1.9 million (approx. R30 million) to lease it for two years, with the option to pay it off at the end of the lease in order to keep the car.

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