4 Things You Learn on a California Road Trip

Have you always fantasized about driving west? 

If, like us, the words ‘California road trip’ fill your mind with images of glittering cities at the break of dawn and trees you can drive a car through, then what are you waiting for? Why put off such an epic trip when you could just get in your car and head straight to the coast? 

While you’re building up courage and clearing your work schedule to make this trip finally happen, we’ve got some things you’ll look forward to learning on your adventure. Below are a few of the discoveries you will make on a California road trip, but warning: they need to be experienced to be believed.

1. California Offers Endless Possibilities Massive

Size will be a bit of a theme here, so let’s start with the basics. California takes up about half the west coast of the third-largest country in the world. You wouldn’t believe that the world-famous greenery and farmlands of the North existed in ‘the same place’ as the sun-baked paradise of the South, but that’s California.

This state’s size gives you many opportunities to explore. You could veer off the main road for a few hours and drive to an unexpected beach town. 

However, you’re going to need some idea of local emergency essentials, just in case you need help. The number for an Irvine Tow Truck Company won’t do you any good if you took a detour and ended up in Sequoia. 

Spontaneity is part of the adventure, but once you arrive at an unexpected destination, write down some local essentials in the area to take advantage of right away. This includes things like hospitals, towing companies, and the best place for lunch. 

2. LA Feels Its Own State

It’s almost compulsory that your road trip should take you to Los Angeles. Be prepared for the scale of the place. It might seem so spread out at first that it’s overwhelming, but there are many options for public transit, which makes it easy to get around if you get sick of traffic. 

Everyone knows the famous Hollywood sign, but seeing it in person is another matter. We recommend taking advantage of a lookout to get a great view instead of craning your neck while driving. 

3. The Trees Are Massive

Earlier, we mentioned ancient trees so large you can drive a car through them. We have to stress that there’s a difference between appreciating the scale of a tree you could drive through and actually carving a tunnel so that you can do it.

Sadly, California’s famous ‘tunnel tree’ fell in 2017, largely due to the tunnel carved into it. On the other hand, the giant redwoods are still there, and their beauty is impossible to describe. The Redwood National Forest is an absolute must-see for your California road trip!

4. Drive Everywhere, Walk Everywhere

The scale of California makes it a wonderful place for a road trip. The endless groves of wine country are a sight to behold, as is the Pacific Ocean when you head up or down the coast.

A common and inaccurate gripe about California is that you can’t walk anywhere. This refers to specific areas of California’s cities, not to the state as a whole.

Anyone who loves a drive also loves a good wander away from the car. Whether it’s Yosemite or the Pacific Crest Trail, there are great places to stretch your legs everywhere in California.

Bottom Line

Hit the road and explore California because it offers everything you need for a great road trip: amazing cities, endless stretches of road where you can clear your head and just enjoy the feel of being away, and staggering sights whenever you stop. 

It needs to be seen to be believed, so go see it now!

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