How to Find a Great Deal for Transferring a Car Title

It’s not really news that all vehicles must have a car title or certificate of title. This certificate is used to prove the owner of the vehicle in case of legal disputes, and a car title is also required when insuring or registering an automobile. The title transfer process involves the seller and buyer, and both parties should fulfill their legal obligations when changing ownership of the vehicle. Here are some tips that can help you to find a great deal for transferring a car title. 

Make Sure you Have all Documents Required

Whatever method you choose to transfer your car title, you should always remember that your initiative can hit a snag if you don’t have the proper documentation required. Using the US as an example, in all states, the applicants for new titles should present similar documents that involve the following:

  • Name
  • Physical address
  • Vehicle’s identification number (VIN)
  • Vehicles model, make, year, body, color
  • Bill of sale
  • Odometer reading 
  • License plate number

You should double-check if all the documents you provide are correct to facilitate easy transfer of title. Any error in the information you provide may lead to delays. It’s important that you find out exactly what documents are required in the city you reside in.   

Let The Dealership Transfer the Title For You

If you want to buy a used vehicle, it is a good idea to do so through a dealer who can also facilitate the transfer of car title. If you buy the car using cash, you can liaise with the dealership to transfer the title so that you will not experience the challenge of dealing with DMV for the same. Dealers charge processing fees, but you will realize that it is better to part with some money than struggling to get a title when you want to enjoy your new car. The dealers can also send the title to the lender if you are buying the car through a loan. 

Use Independent Title Transfer Company

The process of changing car ownership at the DMV can be frustrating since it is time-consuming, and you can spend several hours in the queue. However, the good news is that there are independent car title transfer companies that are committed to eliminate that burden and handle the task for their clients. Professional agents at explain that independent car title transferring services and registration are convenient since the providers are committed to satisfying the needs of different customers. In this type of service, the clients are treated to same-day service, and the new title is delivered to their homes. By just calling your agent, you take off the burden of changing ownership of your new vehicle.  

Use Online Services for a Car Title Transfer 

Transferring your car title online is probably the latest development and most convenient method that you can use to change ownership of the vehicle. If you visit your local DMV’s website, you will get the necessary forms by clicking the vehicles link. When you download the form, make sure that you fill all the required sections. The seller should sign the title form together with the Vehicle Bill of Sale documents. After completing the forms, you need to mail them to the address you get on top of the application form. You should expect to get your title back in about one to six weeks depending on the workload. 

Other platforms can process the ownership online, and you don’t need to mail anything to the DMV. However, it is vital to check if this service is available in your state. With this kind of system, you will be required to attach scanned original documents of the car title with a notarized signature. All the same, sellers are encouraged to report all vehicles sold to the responsible authorities to avoid issues like parking tickets and other road traffic violations. 

When you sell or buy a vehicle, the last and most important thing to do is to transfer the title to the new owner. Legally, no car should drive on the roads without a valid title since this helps to promote quality management of traffic movement. If the buyer does not change ownership on time, the seller will be liable for anything that can happen to the vehicle. To prevent such unfortunate situations, the interested parties need to find a great deal for transferring a car title to facilitate a smooth change of ownership. There are different options that you can consider like hiring independent agents to handle the transfer process. Alternatively, you can leave it to the car dealership. Online applications can also save you the hassle of queuing at the DMV. 

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