Mercedes A-Class Steady at the Top of the Bestsellers Chart

With its customary combination of phenomenal German engineering and stylish good looks, it’s no surprise that the Mercedes-Benz A-Class continues to top the bestsellers as far as car sales in the UK are concerned.

As of October 2020, the premium German vehicle had climbed two places in the standings to top the rest, with more than 4,000 new registrations within the month.

The A-Class usurped the Vauxhall Corsa as the most sold car in the UK, with the Ford Fiesta in third and the Volkswagen Golf in fourth. The Ford Puma rounded out the top five. Further down the top 10, two of the A-Class’ most notable rivals – such as the BMW 1 Series and the Audi A3 – had much slower months on the forecourt.

When we look at the best sellers in 2020 as a whole, the Fiesta, Corsa and Golf lead the way – the demand for hatchbacks remains undimmed, and the A-Class leads the way at the premium price point with 31,604 registrations this year so far, just 2,000 behind the Ford Focus.

We’ve written many times about the brilliance of the Mercedes range from top to bottom, and while we await the possibility of a brand new electric R-Class within the next few years, the A-Class remains an unstoppable choice for the everyday driver seeking reliability and high-end specifications.

The rise of the A-Class in the rankings is likely down to a range of new and affordable financing packages that are available, but also don’t forget that Lewis Hamilton claimed his seventh F1 world title just a matter of weeks ago. His Mercedes has once again been the standout car in Formula One in 2020, and it’s no wonder they were the favourites in the Constructors’ Championship motorsport betting odds – just one of the markets you can wager on with bookmakers accepting F1 bets.

Coincidence? That seems too far-fetched to be mere happenstance.

C-Class Gets Ready for Launch

New images have been revealed of the new Mercedes C-Class, and with less camouflage in the photos covering up the W206’S new design, fans of German engineering have been given their most tantalising glimpse yet of the model set for release in 2022.

The initial feeling is that Mercedes want to produce a scaled-down version of the S-Class, and the early test runs of the C-Class suggest exactly that with sleek lines and what appears to be a slimmed-down body.

Despite the firm’s best efforts to shield production details using the camo disguise, it appears as if horizontal teardrop taillights – cribbed from other models in the Mercedes family – have been ported to the C-Class.

Internal detailing will follow its ‘big brother’ too, with the canon of digital instruments displayed on the top of the central dash and the touchscreen entertainment centre just below. And while not confirmed, it is believed that the HVAC can be modified using a touch-sensitive panel located below this main console.

While no official release date has been confirmed, it is expected that the C-Class will drop in the first half of 2022. And you can expect sales to be as solid as those of the A-Class!

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