7 Techniques That Will Make You A Better Driver

Driving does not mean gaining experience and mastering shifting gears and merging into traffic. With the rising increase in road accidents, it turns out that it takes more than just time and experience to conquer safe driving. Many beginners think that having a good car improves their chances when it comes to avoiding road hazards, but owning a good car is still not enough to ensure your driving skills have matured. One of the best ways of setting the wheels in motion (literally) is seeking advice from experts, and you happen to be in the right place for this. If you’re looking for driving tips, vehicle maintenance, or road-related guidance, you’ve found it. Read below for 7 techniques that are proven to improve driving skills

  1. Time Management 

Getting stuck in traffic, missing your important appointments, and having to race your way to your destination are some of the most annoying things that face drivers. Drivers can simply avoid this by checking their journeys a couple of hours ahead of leaving. Another helpful gadget is Google Maps. Put the zip code or location in and check in advance how long it’s going to take and whether the route is busy with traffic or not. 

  1. Controlling the Brakes

Contrary to what most people think, you don’t need to press the brakes as hard as you can to make a successful stop. You may see this in Hollywood action movies, but the truth is, more driving experience will help you to predict the road conditions and use the brakes before you need to slam to a stop. The last thing you want to do is damage your car’s brakes by putting too much pressure on the brake pedal. 

  1. Vehicle Maintenance 

Most drivers and fleet companies overlook this step and regret it later when they pay the expenses of vehicle repair. Having a problem with the car or vehicle you drive can drain your concentration and distract you from driving, sometimes in the middle of the road. As a car owner or commercial vehicle manager, you have to take advantage of all the new safety and maintenance technologies out there. Experts from tracknetonline.com/truck-dash-cam-systems/ say new technologies like dash cams and voice prompt functionalities make it easier for car owners and fleet management to track and be warned of any road hazards and dangers. 

  1. Parking

Learning the tricks and basics of parking will save you a lot of hassle down the road and help you drive better. One of the trickiest challenges for drivers is parallel parking, which is a skill that not all drivers have. Practice stall, road, and hill parking first, then move to parallel parking and practice over and over. Steady practice should get you there in no time. 

  1. Avoid Oversteering

Controlling your oversteering and teaching your body to avoid it on the road is one of the most important skills that you need to acquire before getting into that driver’s seat. This should be a basic technique that most beginners tackle before driving actual cars, so it shouldn’t be much of a challenge to you if you’re determined to master your driving. If you practice right from the start, you will notice your steering skills improving gradually as you get more time behind the steering while. 

  1. Music Volume

Most people don’t realize how much loud music can impact their responses and affect their driving. Chill music at a considerate volume is accepted and actually helps in reducing stress and calming people while they drive, however, loud music can be distracting and dangerous on the road. Studies prove that driving with loud music on has the ability to distract your immediate decisions and delay your reactions, eventually leading to reckless driving and unfortunate road mishaps. 

  1. Blend with the Traffic

Speeding is a killer and all experienced drivers are aware of the potential threats that come with rushing on the road. Driving safely and ensuring that everyone around you is safe starts with driving at moderate speeds and sticking to the speed limits on the road. Learn to merge with traffic and not go over the speed limit, but also do not stray too far below the speed limit. If you are driving 10kmph lower while everyone is driving at the speed limit, you can be dangerous to everyone around you. Try to match your speed to those around you while still driving safely. Remember to take extra caution and deal carefully with highways as you take your car for longer journeys.

As a driver, you need to understand that controlling a vehicle and using the road is a big responsibility that not everyone can handle. Drivers have to comply with the safety rules and maintain not only their own safety but also everyone else’s when driving. It’s also important for drivers to maintain their vehicles and make sure they’re performing perfectly to avoid accidents. Hence, a big responsibility comes with learning to drive and sitting behind a steering wheel.

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