Facts About Drunk Driving That Might Interest You

Drunk driving is a serious matter that needs to be explored more thoroughly. Whether you drive a vehicle, you’re a commuter, or a pedestrian, road safety is your primary concern. Drunk driving is a threat to road safety, and can harm anyone who happens to be on the road during a drunk driving accident. 

To increase awareness about drunk driving and its consequences, we will explore here some facts about drunk driving that might interest you and share with people that you are concerned about.

More Than 2 Million Accidents Each Year Involve Drunk Driving

This figure is already scary as it is, but it’s just the tip of the iceberg. These figures only involve drunk drivers. More than twice this number accounts for drunk driver accident victims whose lives have been changed by the injuries and property damages they sustained. Compounding these numbers are the loved ones of the victims who are also deeply affected by the consequences of the accidents. It is among the reasons why states and cities are advocating harsher penalties for violators of laws against drunk driving. Personal injury lawyers share this sentiment and have strived to attain justice and just compensation for the victims of drunk driving accidents and DUI cases.

Drunk Drivers Have Driven Multiple Times Before Their First Arrest

This is another disturbing fact that reminds us how precarious our safety on the road is if law enforcement is lax about drunk driving apprehension. A CDC statistic reports that drunk drivers have engaged in risky driving behavior while under the influence of alcohol multiple times. Figures reported that drunk drivers have driven an average of 80 times while intoxicated before their first arrest. This spine-chilling number means that most drivers have evaded arrest or may have gotten away with driving drunk a staggering number of times before they got caught. One can only imagine the countless traffic violations and unreported accidents that happened during these “undetected” episodes of drunk driving.

50% to 70% of Drivers with Revoked Licenses Due to DUI Continue to Drive Without One

With one disturbing fact after another, this is another cause for concern not just for law enforcement and government units but also for other drivers and motorists. This statistical figure means that more than half of the drivers whose licenses have been revoked due to drunk driving continue to drive without a license, which is illegal. While a harsher penalty and punishment should deter drunk drivers from committing this felonious act, it may sometimes not be enough. 

Another useful measure is to thoroughly orient drivers about driving laws and emphasize the grave consequence of this act during their application for a driver’s license. Another solution is to monitor the drivers with revoked licenses and their vehicles through GPS and trackers if they attempt to drive without a license. If driving a vehicle is that important for many of us, we should learn to drive responsibly and be mindful of the safety of others on the road.

40% of Fatal Car Involve Alcohol-Impaired Drivers

In the United States, more than 10,000 people die each year due to car crashes involving alcohol. That figure translates to one person dying every 40-51 minutes from an automobile accident where one driver is driving drunk. In connection to that, traffic accidents are the leading cause of death in teens, with more than ⅓ of these fatal accidents involving an alcohol-impaired driver.

There is plenty of statistical data and facts about drunk driving that we may not have included here. Even so, the ones we have gathered are interesting enough to make you think twice about pushing your luck when it comes to driving drunk. Drunk driving isn’t a matter to be taken lightly. Think about the lives you might save if you stop driving drunk or under the influence. So drink responsibly and only drive when you are sober and rational. Stay safe on the road and save lives – including your own.

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