Ferrari F8 Tributo Looks Tantalizing With 1016 Industries 3D-Printed Carbon Aero Kit

Bought yourself a sexy new Ferrari F8 Tributo and it is not sexy enough? 1016 Industries have the answer for you in the form of their new 3D-printed carbon fibre aero kit.

As you can see in the images included, it is a rather comprehensive offering with a carbon fibre overload. At the front, a set of more aggressive hood vents and headlamp inserts complement a front aero lip and bumper inserts. According to 1016, these parts are functional and are effective at redirecting airflow toward the engine or other aerodynamic trim.

Carbon side skirts run the length of the car, feeding air to a redesigned rear diffuser and set of J-vents around the back. Finally, a large carbon spoiler sits atop the rear decklid in place of the original lip.

A huge positive in our eyes is that most of the kit fits on the original car without too much drilling or cutting.

Overall, it’s refreshingly subtle, and it is always nice to see a supercar of this calibre being given some tasteful aftermarket treatment.

Should something like this interest you, the whole kit will cost you nearly $50k (approx. R750k) which is not exactly pocket change.

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