A 6-Step Guide on What to Immediately Do After a Car-on-Bike Collision

Being involved in a road collision can be quite traumatic. When a road collision involves a car and a bike crashing into one another, the consequences can be severe for everyone involved. That is why it is important to know what to do in a situation like that in case you ever find yourself involved in a road collision. Here is a detailed guide to help you know exactly what to do after a car-on-bike collision to reduce the safety risks as much as possible.

1 Head to Safety

Once you find yourself involved in a car-on-bike collision on the road, the first thing you must do is head to safety. Make sure you move out of the road if the crash was in the middle of the way and try to take anyone else who is involved in the crash with you out of harm’s way. It is important that you immediately move to the side of the road so that you do not end up being at risk of other cars colliding with you and causing even further damage. 

2 Assess Your Injuries

As soon as you head to a safe location right after the crash, take a few moments to assess your injuries, as well as those of anyone else involved in the collision with you. If you are injured in a bicycle accident that was caused by crashing into a car, you may be severely injured without feeling any pain for a while because of the amount of adrenaline rushing through your body. That is why you should try and assess your whole body to see if you are injured and how badly you may be injured so that you can take proper action from that point.

3 Contact Emergency Services

One of the most important steps you will need to take straight after a car-on-bike collision is contacting the police and emergency services. Whether everyone involved in the collision is safe and in good condition or if they are severely injured, it is vital that emergency services arrive at the scene as they can better assess the situation and let you know what you can do from that point. Once the emergency services arrive, they should write medical and police reports that describe the scene and the state of everyone involved and you should make sure you keep copies of those reports if you can as they can be beneficial later on.

4 Connect with Other Victims

After making sure everyone involved in the collision is safe and sound, it can be a good idea to connect with all the other people involved in the crash and exchange contact details for any further actions that you plan to take. Make sure you also get the contact details of any of the witnesses at the scene so that you can get them to testify in court or with your insurer in case you need to file for compensation claims after your accident. Having a good connection with all of those who were involved at the scene of the accident can be quite beneficial for everyone so do not hesitate to ask for contact details.

5 Contact a Lawyer

Having a lawyer by your side after a car-on-bike collision can be one of the most essential things you need to seek after your crash. If the accident was not your own fault, you should try to seek compensation, and an experienced lawyer can help you get what you deserve without a hassle. Make sure you get in touch with an experienced attorney who has dealt with similar cases in the past so that they can help you with your case without any effort from your end.

6 Document the Scene

One of the main things you will need to do before you leave the scene of the accident when you fall victim to a car-on-bike collision is to document the events and the scene. Make sure you take pictures and videos that show exactly what happened as that can work as evidence in the future. You can use the documentation elements to make compensation claims to even pursue legal action against the person at fault.

Road collisions are traumatic events that nobody ever expects to be in. However, if you do ever find yourself involved in a road collision, especially one that involves a crash between a bike and a car, you need to be prepared to take the right actions to ensure everyone’s safety. Remember to contact the emergency services as soon as you get to a safe space and try to stay calm and collected at the scene so that you can act logically for your own safety.

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