Common Auto Repair Shop Accidents That You Need to Be Aware Of

Working at an auto repair shop can be one of the most rewarding and enjoyable careers out there. The work of a mechanic is just like that of an artist with just a little bit of science behind it all. Whether you own an auto repair shop or you simply work at one, the best way to make your experience in the shop worthwhile and enjoyable is to make sure you are wary of all the risks that may surround you. Even though the work of a mechanic is enjoyable, it can sometimes be dangerous if not careful enough. Here are some of the most common auto repair shop accidents that you need to be aware of and how you can safely avoid them.

Cuts and Burns

When you are working at an auto repair shop, chances are you will be using different types of machines and devices to help you get into motor vehicles and fix any problems they may have effectively. Using certain machines and devices can put you at great risk of cuts and burns, as there is a lot of sharp metals and hot objects involved in the process most of the time. To avoid this risk, you need to make sure you are dressed in the appropriate attire for your mechanic work so that you can reduce your chances of cuts and burns and avoid severe consequences.

Slips and Falls

Slips and falls are considered among the most common accidents in most workplaces around Colorado. Sometimes, employees fall because of common human error, without the incident being anyone’s fault whatsoever. However, if you fall at work because of a hazard that was put in your way, then you should find a slip and fall lawyer in Denver, CO, and seek compensation from the auto shop owners for putting you at that risk. If you are the owner or manager of an auto repair shop, then you need to be very careful about the kind of hazards you have in your shop that can lead to slips and falls so that you do not put employees’ lives at risk, as well as risk your shop’s integrity by getting sued for compensation if someone is harmed.

Muscle Strains

Working at an auto repair shop often involves having to carry heavy objects or moving them around from one place to another using a great deal of muscle strength and physical effort. When you push yourself too hard to move heavy objects, you can end up getting muscle strains, which are pretty common for mechanics. To avoid the risk of muscle strain accidents, make sure you follow the right procedures when lifting heavy objects and see if you can use a lifting machine instead of having to do all the physical work yourself.

Heavy Object Trauma

One of the most common and dangerous accidents that mechanics often go through while working at auto repair shops is heavy object trauma. The risk of having heavy objects fall on you while you are working at an auto repair shop is pretty high and it is something that all mechanics, as well as shop owners, need to be very mindful of. To reduce the risk of suffering from heavy object trauma, you need to make sure no heavy objects are lying around in risky positions or are in the way of mechanics working. It is also vital that mechanics are always wearing the right gear while working so that if something heavy or harmful in general does fall on them, they are protected by their gear to a certain extent.

Eye Injuries

While you are working at an auto repair shop, chances are there is going to be debris and fine machine powder flying around everywhere as a result of repair work being done on vehicles. The flying debris can be incredibly dangerous for your eyes and can cause severe injuries, and this is why it is important that you wear eye protection while working at the auto shop at all times so that you can ensure your eyes are safe from all the debris risks.

Working as a mechanic at an auto repair shop can be a rewarding and enjoyable career if you love fixing cars and exploring how they work. The only way you can develop in your career as a mechanic or auto shop owner is if you ensure you and everyone who works in the shop around you are risk-free and safe from common accidents. Make sure you are always wearing the right work attire and be careful around heavy objects and sharp devices that can be dangerous, no matter how experienced you get in your job.

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