Here’s How To Handle A Traffic Accident The Right Way

Despite people and organizations making efforts to limit road accidents, road crashes happen every day, and the statistics worry.  There will always be a story to tell for individuals who have got into one or more accidents. There is nothing as devastating and inconveniencing as getting into a road crash. Besides the injuries, you will be left with car damages to deal with, insurance cases, court cases, and others more, especially when it becomes challenging to prove the driver at fault.  

How do you handle a road accident the right way? Getting into a road accident is one thing but finalizing the case is another. A crash is just the beginning of a long process that will end well when you handle everything effectively. Here are the steps in handling a road accident the right way. 

Stop, Check on the Injuries and Seek a Safer Location

Regardless of who caused the road accident, you need to stop your vehicle on the spot when involved in a road accident. The law states that you should stop and check for injuries from you, your passengers, or other accident victims.  If there are severe injuries, you shouldn’t move the victims but call the emergency team. Some people might have been stuck in the wreckage or have severe injuries such that they can’t move.  Do not force anyone out when stuck in the crash, as this will make their injuries worse. 

Once you can move out of the wreckages, the next step will be to seek a safer place away from the accident scene. When moving out, ensure that you put hazards or light up flares to warn oncoming motorists about the accident scene. 

Contact the Police

Some accidents do not require you to call the police. However, it is advisable to visit the police station and get a police report concerning the accident. Failing to do so can give the person at fault an advantage when they report the accident. However, if there are massive damages and injuries, you need to call 911 and inform the police about the accident. 

When calling the police, it is advisable to give them the accurate details of the accident, including the location, number of vehicles involved, and the injuries. In line with the truck accident lawyer in Lexington, you need the police to clear the accident scene and draft a police report. This police report will be an essential document which you’ll use when seeking compensation for the injuries suffered.  

Gather Information from the Other Driver

While the police might get all the other driver’s details, it is advisable to exchange or get information about the other driver before leaving the accident scene. This information will help you, your attorney, and the insurance company to follow up with compensation.  

Some of the details required from the other driver include the driver and their passengers’ names, insurance policy number, and agency, vehicle models, license number, among others that will help in your case. Also, you need to get the eyewitness contact information and the details of the officer recording the accident details. 

Document the Accident Scene

It would be best not to leave without recording details of the accident scene. It is essential to use your smartphone camera or any other recording instrument and take elements of the accident scene, including positioning of the vehicles, damages, injuries, and the accident location. 

Other details required include notes on what happened and how it happened, where the other vehicle was, how the collision occurred, and other contributing factors which led to the accident. It is also crucial to get a copy of the police report and the witness’s account of how the accident happened. All these details must be kept safe or handed to your lawyer for safekeeping. 

Contact Your Insurance Company

Once you receive your medical treatment and you have the supporting documents concerning the accident, it is time to contact your insurance company, even when you are the victim. Why your insurance company? Some insurance policies require that you contact your insurance company before following up with the other driver’s insurance company. The insurance company will tell you what to do, including contacting the other insurance company on your behalf. 

It is essential to contact your attorney during the first steps after the collision, especially if the outcome is complicated. Why do you need a lawyer? Accident compensations are not straightforward, even when the police report clearly shows who caused the accident. Sometimes there are twists and turns which require you to have a lawyer. A lawyer will help you gather more evidence, get you the police and medical report, and help you file your compensation case to ensure you are fully compensated depending on the injuries. Follow the above processes to the latter, and you won’t have issues with your compensation claim. 

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