Why Your High-Performance Car Needs High-Security Keys


Have you ever found yourself stranded and couldn’t get inside your car after you mysteriously lost your car keys? Well, you’re not alone. The odds are that most drivers have been forced at some point to swallow this bitter pill. Or worse still, perhaps you were all set to leave the house and ace your presentation at work, and the same disappointing incident ruined it.

Today, the majority of car owners use high-security keys in order to reinforce their vehicle’s safety. Unfortunately, those keys are made so they can only be used on one vehicle. Furthermore, the key is shaped to accuracy and allows you to not only unlock the car but also start it. As a result, only an experienced auto locksmith using the right tools and equipment can come to your rescue in case you end up dealing with a high-security key issue. A company like J & L Pacific Bend Oregon Locksmith can be your go-to partner in such situations.

The Advantages Of High-Security Keys

This type of key is sophisticated and made chiefly for high-performance cars. It provides an extra layer of safety apart from being very hard to duplicate. If a duplicate key is necessary, complex tools will be needed as well as the expertise of an accredited professional. The expert will ensure that your vehicle is secure even after the key duplication. Therefore, if you happen to lose or misplace your car keys or require a duplicate as backup, make sure to look for a reliable locksmith.

A high-security key can be designed for your high-performance car if it doesn’t already have one. Here are some advantages of getting that kind of key for your performance vehicle:

  • Difficult To Duplicate And Patent-Protected

Have you come across words such as ‘do not duplicate’ engraved on some keys? Take heed: those aren’t high-security keys; in fact, they can easily be copied. It’s worth noting that high-security keys are made with a distinctive patent that inhibits duplication at standard hardware stores. However, there are locksmiths capable of copying even high-security keys. Also, the vehicle maker or dealer can give you an extra key in case of emergency.

  • State-Of-The-Art Technology

Standard car keys are crafted using ordinary materials, which make them easy to duplicate. However, high-security keys are manufactured using advanced technology that secures your car from forced entry. So people who don’t have the key’s unique security code can’t access, steal, or start your vehicle.

Additionally, keeping everything safe is often the primary purpose of owning high-security keys for a high-performance car. This comprises any physical items such as confidential documents or files. Using high-security keys will go a long way in giving you peace of mind regarding the objects or possessions you leave inside your car.

  • Excellent Security

A high-security key is a necessary tool for starting and driving your car. Therefore, even if a burglar manages to break into your vehicle, the vehicle won’t move as long as you have the key with you. This has helped reduce car burglary rates globally in recent years. It goes without saying that even the most desperate carnapper wouldn’t choose to push a vehicle just for the sake of stealing it.

  • Enhanced Performance

Other than providing unmatched protection, high-security keys can execute certain tasks in a more convenient manner. For example, you can open or close the doors of the vehicle just by pushing a knob. What’s more, there’s an alarm setup included in the code of the key. Therefore, the vehicle sounds an alarm every time illegal or forced entry is attempted.

  • Simple To Use And Durable

It’s effortless to use a high-security key. With a standard key, there’s a chance you won’t be able to insert it properly into the keyhole the first time, which may lead to slight frustration and wasted time, especially if you’re in a hurry. That won’t happen with a high-security key since all it requires you to do is push a button. Its simplicity is a great advantage.

Additionally, there’s the aspect of durability. Even though traditional car keys are long-lasting, so are high-security keys, including their hi-tech parts:

  • The battery component fitted in a high-security key is durable. When the battery expires, it’s easy to change it immediately—an expert locksmith can do this for you.
  • The inner chip is of excellent quality, has a long life, and doesn’t quickly fail.

Auto Locksmiths

What’s your worst experience with car keys so far? If you happen to unintentionally lock them inside the car or misplace them, an auto locksmith is an expert who’ll be able to help you access your car. Apart from unlocking your vehicle, they have the knowledge and tools to design new keys, extract a broken key from the ignition system, and replace the lock system.

Given that the auto industry is becoming increasingly complex owing to technological developments, auto locksmiths remain in high demand due to their expertise in all matters related to car keys and safety.

What Do Auto Locksmiths Do?

They primarily focus on dealing with locked automobiles that can’t be accessed for one reason or another and designing new keys for vehicles. Additionally, they provide both mobile and on-site services. Many auto locksmiths who accommodate service calls can come to where you currently are if you’re stranded somewhere at night, your car keys aren’t working, or your car key suddenly breaks so you can’t continue your trip. However, it’s important to note that a lot of auto locksmiths work within specific areas or cities, so make sure that your location is among the services areas of the professional you call.

  • Unlocking Vehicles

Perhaps you’re wondering how an auto locksmith will open your car if they don’t have the key for it. There are a few tactics used or applied in order to unlock or safely break into a car; of course, choosing among them depends on the kind of vehicle and lock system.

A popular tactic is ‘jimmying.’ This entails using a thin material mostly made of metal. It’s slipped between the narrow strip of rubber and the window to reach the lock. The chances are that you’ve seen rods or wires being used in movies. However, the contemporary slim jim is a much better option. This is because the odds of damaging the window with it are minimal. It’s best to leave the task of using a slim jim to a trained auto locksmith to prevent harming your vehicle in any way.

In the case of older vehicles, jimmying is a generally acceptable strategy since such cars don’t have advanced alarm equipment and rely on physical keys. However, for high-performance vehicles with more sophisticated security apparatuses, an auto locksmith will need to reprogram their codes using vehicle anti-theft system passcode sensors.

  • Extracting Broken Keys

Although it doesn’t happen frequently, it’s normal for keys to break as a result of overuse or incorrect, forceful rotation. When that happens, skilled services are needed. It can be incredibly challenging to extract it on your own, and it would be impossible for you to start your car.

When a key breaks inside the ignition system or the door, the cracks of the thin sections of the key will be visible. An auto locksmith utilizes specific devices that can be fastened to those cracks in order to retrieve the key. A common device with the same purpose is a tiny fragment of metal with pegs at the end that hold the key. Additionally, tools such as thin pliers can be used to hold the key.

Remember that if your car key snaps in two while it’s inside the ignition, avoid removing it by yourself no matter the circumstances. Doing so might cost you enormously and possibly cause more damage. Get the help of a seasoned auto locksmith, and wait for them to address the issue.

  • Duplicating Or Designing New Keys

An auto locksmith can make two kinds of keys. The first one isn’t fastened to an electrical knob or button. This type is easy to design and not that different from a house key.

On the other hand, the second kind is fastened to an electrical piece, so it’s a bit trickier to deal with. This is primarily known as a transponder key. It contains a microchip that’s encoded exclusively to the vehicle it’s used for. If the car ignition fails to recognize the code sent by the key’s chip, it won’t start. If your high-performing car uses this type of key, there are experienced auto locksmiths who can cut and program a blank transponder key if you need a duplicate.


Since your standard car key can open the doors of your vehicle and start the engine, you assume it’s enough to keep your car and everything in it safe. However, there’s now a better, more hi-tech alternative you should consider getting, especially if you own a high-performance car. High-security keys can offer an additional layer of protection for your investment and give you more convenience as well.

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