Maserati Teases All-New GranTurismo

It has been quite some time coming but Maserati has finally shared some official teaser images of the all-new GranTurismo.

While the wrap does a fairly good job of hiding some design details, it is quite easy to see that the new coupé will feature headlights like the MC20 and the grille seems to be more circular and flanked by large intakes pushed to the corners.

What makes this model so important for the brand is that it will be their first model to offer a fully electric option. If you have not quite adopted the electric buzz, best you get on board as apparently, Maserati has confirmed it’s scrapped the incoming combustion-engined GranTurismo.

This model is expected to debut sometime this year as it will be going on sale in 2022. There will also be an all-new convertible GranCabrio which will also be available as an electric vehicle.

Maserati says that it’s working to ensure the powertrain has “a distinctive sound, already a unique attribute of all Maserati cars equipped with traditional combustion engines”. It’s not yet clear how this will be achieved, but it’s unlikely that the firm will artificially recreate the noise of its V6 or V8 engines.

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