Common Expenses People Face After a Car Accident

As much as we would like to, we can’t go through life completely avoiding any type of accident. Depending on the nature of the accident, we can come away free of injury and without any long-term health consequences. However, pretty much all car accidents will have some financial repercussions. Whether they are short-term or long-term expenses, they are unavoidable in many situations.

Here are some of the common expenses that people face after a car accident.

The Cost of a Hiring a Lawyer

If you feel that the other driver or multiple other drivers are responsible for the car accident, you may wish to hire a lawyer. Prices of lawyers vary from one company to another, and the complexity of your claim will affect your overall expenses. Some lawyers will charge an upfront fee to begin the process. Others will not charge you until you have won your claim. Make sure you are aware of the payment process that each lawyer uses so there are no unexpected charges further down the line.

The experience of an attorney, and their success rates will also affect their prices. If you want a good lawyer that has never lost a case, expect to pay premium prices.

It’s important to properly research which lawyer is best for you. Lamber Goodnow Injury Lawyers will work closely with you to formulate a strong case for your claim and ensure you gain the compensation you deserve.

Healthcare Costs

The costs associated with healthcare treatment after a car accident are usually the most significant. Following an accident, you may require immediate medical attention on-site via the emergency services team. From here, you could be taken to the nearest hospital for medical tests, imaging, treatments, and possibly surgery.

Unfortunately, this is often not the end of the story. There are ongoing costs associated with regular medications, follow-up appointments, and medical monitoring. Not the mention the possibility of you developing long-term health conditions that require ongoing treatments and therapies after the car accident.

Repair or Replacement of the Vehicle

If the accident has resulted in significant damage to your vehicle, you may need to have certain car parts repaired or replaced. Maybe there’s a large dent in the side of the vehicle, or maybe the wheels are ruined. In the worst-case scenario, you might have to purchase a brand-new vehicle altogether. Cars and car parts are not cheap, so this can massively add to your expenses.

Repair of Personal Property

It’s not just your vehicle that can be affected by an accident. If the crash occurred near or on your property, you might need to repair damage to your fencing or garage door.

Loss of Employment or Wages

Many employees will be extremely understanding if alterations need to be made in the workplace to account for any injuries or health conditions you’ve sustained. However, they are not under any legal obligation to maintain your employment if you cannot meet the needs or demands of the role. If you’re unable to perform your job properly, if at all, it can, therefore, lead to loss of wages or job loss. This may cause huge financial problems for you.

Rising Insurance Costs

The better your driving record, the lower your insurance is likely to be. If your vehicle is registered as being in an accident, even if it is not 100% your fault, your insurance is likely to go up in the following years because your insurer will have more of a reason to doubt your driving capabilities. The number of accidents you are involved in is used by insurers to rate how safe of a driver you are. Therefore, if you have had an accident, your premiums can rise drastically. 

You may also lose your no claims bonus, which will further add to your future quotes. Unfortunately, it can take a few years before your insurance quote returns to its pre-accident number.

Final Thoughts

Even in minor car accidents, the resulting costs can add up to cause significant financial difficulties for all parties involved. Always remember to drive as safely as possible to avoid the risk of getting into a car accident while on the roads. Of course, you can’t control what other drivers around you are doing, but stay vigilant, and removing distractions while you are driving can increase your chance of anticipating and avoiding any accidents.

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