Effective Protection Measures For Car Owners To Stay Safe

Car owners are not immune to the dangers of living in a bad neighborhood. Some precautions you can take to avoid being targeted by thieves or vandals include keeping your car locked at all times, parking in well-lit areas, and installing anti-theft devices like alarms and immobilizers. These measures will help you stay safe while driving around town! Let’s explore your options!

1. Have An Attorney Negotiate Your Settlement

Don’t just roll over and accept an unfair car accident settlement. If you’re not satisfied with the amount of compensation you’ve been offered, it’s time to call your injury attorney. With his or her help, you can take control and get the compensation you deserve! If you’re in California, lawyers in Temecula can help you settle any legal issues with your car. You should always carry a high limit of liability coverage. Your premium will increase if you buy additional liability protection, but the peace of mind you’ll feel knowing that your insurer has your back in the event of an accident is worth it!

2. Alarm System

Installing an alarm system in your car can help reduce the number of theft-related accidents. Be sure to check with your insurer about discounts for installing an alarm or immobilizer. A high-quality alarm system has both a motion and shock sensor. A good alarm will automatically arm itself as soon as you lock the doors, and if someone tampers with it, it will start to emit a loud noise, which is sure to scare off potential thieves. However, this should not be your only precaution – there are other things you can do to prevent theft too!

Your doors should be double-checked to make sure they cannot be easily opened from the inside by an intruder. If the handles on both sides of your car open from the outside without any locks or chains holding them shut, chances are that someone could simply open your door and hop in. 

3. Comprehensive Insurance Coverage

Even though comprehensive insurance coverage is more expensive than collision, it’s worth the extra money to protect yourself from vandalism and other damage! Check with your insurer about exclusive rates for having both coverages. You should also consider adding rental reimbursement coverage if you plan on renting a car after yours is damaged by someone else’s carelessness!

4. Anti-Theft Devices

Whether you opt for an ignition immobilizer or steering lock, anti-theft devices are proven to reduce the likelihood that your ride will be targeted by thieves! If you haven’t already, it’s time to install one today! These devices include :

– Steering wheel lock: Prevents the thief from turning the steering wheel and thus, prevents him from moving your car. It is installed directly on the steering column.

– Immobilizer: Prevents the engine from starting unless a coded key is used. If you’ve lost your key, don’t worry! We also offer ignition locks for motorcycles!  

– Disc lock: A device that clamps around one of your vehicle’s discs to prevent thieves from breaking into it and taking off with your rims and tires. This product can be fitted at any car workshop or tire dealer.

– Wheel clamp/boot: Fits neatly over one of your car’s wheels, preventing theft by stopping thieves at their tracks! This product can be installed at any car workshop.

– Anti-theft wheel bolts: These bolts are fastened to the lug nuts of your tire, preventing them from being stolen.

– Security grills: These grills are fitted directly on your car’s body, constituting a steel barrier protecting its engine and undercarriage.  

If you have recently purchased an expensive or luxurious vehicle, you must install one of these devices immediately. If not, chances are you will become a target for thieves! Installing an anti-theft device is easy! 

5. How Collision Coverage Works

On average, damages caused by another driver account for 63% of all collision claims received by insurance companies. The other types of claims include glass damage (22%), fire or theft (12%), vandalism (2%), and weather damage (.5%). When you file a claim, your insurer will have a choice to either repair or replace your car depending on the extent of the damage.

6. Good Samaritan Laws

You may be hesitant to assist another motorist who has broken down on the side of the road. However, most states have good Samaritan laws that protect you from liability if your assistance results in injuries. With this kind of reassurance, it’s easier than ever to help others out!

It is evident that effective protection for your vehicle does not just depend on a good alarm system and insurance coverage. By taking extra precautions, you can ensure that your car will stay safe from thieves and potential damage!

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