Tesla Wheel and Winter Tire Package

Tesla Model Y

Tesla introduced its Model Y wheel and winter tire package for the first time in the north. Well, Tesla is a California-based company, which has been criticized for talking about the concerns of different owners who live in colder areas. The company was criticized for not delivering winter tires for areas such as Manitoba or Quebec in Canada. Therefore, the Y model has come with the Tesla winter tires which are now about to face the winter.

You may adopt all-season tires for your new Tesla that delivers a quiet and smooth ride and tackles all kinds of seasons. These tires may make things easier and better but what if they don’t perform well in the area where you live. That’s why Tesla owners have launched a new option for consumers who live in snowy areas and want to keep their Tesla tires out of the snow. These wheels come with the dimensions of 20-inch which follow the same options as that of 19-inch, but with a winter package. In short, these wheels provide you with the overall same experience but with a better grip on snowy and icy roads.

However, with the Tesla TSportline, you can either purchase snow or winter tires that fit 10-inch wheels. With the help of these tires, you will get similar results, yet in an affordable way. On the flip side, if you want to mount specific wheels for every season, that may cost you higher, but with this, Tesla has brought numerous options for you. Usually, winter tires tend to fit 20-inch wheels but they lack in the market.

Tesla Model 3

Tesla also launched the Model 3 winter wheels and tires which are cheaper than the Model Y tires. Well, the previous Tesla model 3 wheels did not find to be as reliable as the above one because they slowly drop outside in more severe winter conditions. Therefore, in order to accommodate this deficiency, the company introduced the winter wheels and tires for its Tesla Model 3 series.

However, as compared to the Model X and Model S of Tesla which comes with wheel dimensions of 20-22 inches and 19-20 inches, the Model 3 is pretty expensive because it has good tires.

The Model 3 although comes with the standard 8-inch size of wheels that can be upgraded to 19-inch by the consumers. Yet, it is expected that 20-inch wheels will be introduced soon in the Model 3 series.

These wheels were introduced by the Tesla manufacturers and they said that the Model 3 18-inch winter tire package delivers the maximum grip and safety in both dry and wet weather conditions. Not only this, these wheels are ideal to use on snowy or icy roads. This package ensures a great level of stability, brakes efficiency, and friction. It means, they are an excellent choice to use comfortably and drive with confidence.

Anyhow, whether you have or are about to buy either of the Tesla Model Y or Model 3 and want to upgrade their tires, you can shop winter tire packages online from the official tesla retailer store.

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