Most Popular Honda’s You Can Buy In 2021

Honda has always been neck to neck with Toyota regarding sales and durability, especially in the south Asia region within India. It became the top seller in India in 2016, topping the sales charts for sedan and compact sedan cars.

Honda City

Honda City is a sedan car made for a small family not comprising some of the top luxury features provided by Honda Accord’s top-of-the-line. The primary market for Honda consists of India, Pakistan, Thailand, mainly the South Asia region. It offers a good fuel economy travelling in the city for day-to-day or intercity commutes, basically on big highways, etc. It provides a mileage between 16 to 20 km (kilometres per litre) depending on how you are with the accelerator paddle.

Honda Accord

In some regions like central Europe and the USA, the Honda car comes in a practical sedan for family usage. On the contrary, it is one of the most luxurious and expensive sedan cars you can buy, especially in southeast Asia or Asia. Its neck-to-neck rivals are Toyota Camry which also comes in this category and Kia Sonata. But due to Honda‘s Toyota’s name and prestige throughout the year, people always try to compare them and then decide. Many drivers who prefer A sporty and comfortable drive in a midsize sedan always have the Accord in their mind while buying. The simple petrol engine gives mileage about 30 to 34 miles per gallon while the hybrid engine of the same model gives around 45 to 48 miles per gallon, which in comparison, a midsize sedan car is quite commendable.

Honda CR-V

There is no ambiguity that Honda CR-V is the company’s most popular car in sales across the USA region, which has beaten Toyota’s RAV4. The car has some of the best on-road controllability in terms of good steering and road grip despite sharp turns at high speeds with a comfortable and spacious interior with all of the luxurious and necessary features a car can offer. However, it’s not rocket science that the CR-V is the successor of the rightly claimed BR-V, which both of them dominated sales and after-sales in some of the regions for years in the compact SUV’s section for prominent families. Although Ford cars are popular in the USA, CR-V is loved and dominates the market in some regions. Although its mileage is not off the charts, it gives around 38 miles per gallon, but the worldly figures by users are a bit disappointing, which is not a plus point; other than that, it’s a top-quality car with some of the best features.

2020 Honda Odyssey

In the minivan class, Honda Odyssey is one of the top cars globally because of its overall spaciousness, sophisticated cabin, and exceptional performance that it delivers. Honda has integrated the latest high-tech and the most user-friendly infotainment system in the vehicle, giving it a modern look. If we talk about the performance, the Odyssey has a strong engine that provides solid driving dynamics. Honda Odyssey can produce 280 horsepower powered by a V6 engine, which gives out a fuel economy of 19 miles per gallon in the city and 28 miles per gallon on the highway.  The price of this vehicle is estimated to be around $34,000.

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