5 Ways to Extend the Life of Your Tyres

Tyres are what your car depends on for a smooth and safe drive. But no one wants to be constantly paying for replacements. So how can we make the set we have now last even longer? 

Follow these five tips, and you can pay less frequently for new tyres and focus on enjoying the ones you have. 

1. Drive with Your Tyres in Mind

There are some things we don’t have control over. But when you’re driving, you can make the choices that will protect your tyres and, therefore, your investment. And if you have a set of good tyres, there’s no use in wearing them out more quickly than you need to. 

There are several common behaviours from drivers that can bring severe wear and tear to their wheels. This includes riding the brakes, quick cornering, and hard brakes. Potholes and similar forces can also cause damage, so if you have a run-in with a nasty pothole, it may be time to get the alignment checked to avoid more significant problems later. 

2. Keep Your Tyres at the Right Pressure Levels

Whether the temperature outside is going from hot to cold or cold to hot, the sudden changes can have severe effects on your tyre pressure. It may lower or increase the pressure, leaving tyres over or under-inflated. 

Evidence shows that under or overinflation can be anywhere from two to three times more likely to cause an accident than proper inflation. In addition to being safer, proper inflation will also protect the material from easy puncturing or overstretching, leading to wear and tear. 

3. Get Regular Rotations

Depending on where a tyre is on your car, it will wear more or less quickly. This means that a pair of front tyres will wear out faster than the back tyres over time. You’d end up buying an entirely new set when you could have gone longer with the same set if they’d been rotated. 

It’s recommended to get them rotated every 5,000 – 8,000 miles. It’s one of the cheapest repairs you can make but can save you money by extending the life of your current set. 

4. Get Your Tyres Balanced

If your car is imbalanced, it’s going to put far more weight on some parts than others. This will mean uneven wear and tear and the need for replacement tyres sooner rather than later. 

However, balancing is a quick and easy way to distribute the weight evenly. This extends the tyre life and provides a smoother ride with fewer vibrations. If you’ve felt like something is just “off,” a quick balance can make a big difference. The milestone for balancing is about the same as rotations, so get both done simultaneously. 

5. Invest in Winter Wheels

Telling you to buy some new tyres may sound like cheating, but we promise it’s worth it. 

Winter can seriously damage your treads while leaving you and your passengers in danger for those who live in harsh winter climates. But winter tyres are designed for this weather. They’re not only safer but will last longer in the problematic snow and ice. 

By investing in a set for winter, you can keep your typical set in good condition for many more miles than if it had to put up with snow and ice for several months every year. 

Get the Most for Your Money

Don’t waste money by wearing out your tyres faster than you can make it to your next maintenance check. When you protect your tyres, you’re protecting your investment. So take a little extra time to drive carefully and care for your tyres properly.

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